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pratikp2891991 01:05 Hey guys!. making a fb plugin here..errors coming>>managed target code requires a '\clr' option. I have a c# assembly here and a using the c++/cli com interop method that my methods in c# are accessed by the native c++.
I know that i have to compile c++/cli with /clr support but plugin to be compiled with no clr support... Is Com interop method is the right way to go for this?
The error wants me to remove #using mscorlib.dll statement from vcclr.h...But can't do that too as its a system file...
P.S: vcclr.h is not included in my plugin project in VS 2010
Any takers fr this question?
Prhyme 03:05 hello, guys. i try to put my activex inside the firebreath plugin by using webview. everything is ok, but i have the scrollbar at the right. i can`t exactly say, who creates it (i think, the plugin creates). may be you can help me to hide it? here is a screenshot:
i tried to change "overview" css-property. it didn`t help...
dougma 05:05 isn't it "overflow"?
Guest8765 13:05 Can anyone help with hosting an ActiveX control in an FB plugin? I have it working-ish, but am having rendering issues.
taxilian 14:05 that sounds painful
Guest8765 14:05 yeah, i can't believe i am trying to do it :)
it's been a really long time since i did windows com programming of any, it is dredging up some old memories...
right now, i have the control loading and am abel to call methods on the control. i have it connected to the FB window via "m_axwin.CreateControlEx". however, i get nothing rendered other than a grey block.
any ideas on where to look?
maybe i'm not init-ing something on the FB side?
taxilian 14:05 well, have you looked at the WebView library in the firebreath tree?
that hosts the ie activex control in it
so you could use that as an example