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gouri 00:05 Hiiii
Bor0 06:05 when generating a microsoft visual studio (vcproj) project, how can I modify some of the variables that are generated within the vcproj file? specifically, I want to modify the value of OptimizeReferences in Release mode.
taxilian 08:05 Bor0 what you need to do is figure out what the compiler or linker flag is that you want to change
and then set that with cmake
Bor0 08:05 I see, thanks.
I wonder why that flag is causing me troubles. (this is VC++ specific, not FB) I'm linking to directx, zlib. in Debug mode all is working, but in Release I get "can't find <directx method> in zlib.dll". strange :)
and the reason is OptimizeReferences is not set in Debug, while it's set in Release. if I unset from Release, all is fine
diorcety 13:05 hi
does Firebreath handle const correctness?
taxilian 13:05 ...?
I don't understand the question
diorcety 13:05 can i return a const MyObjectPtr ... and if i call a non const function on it an exception is thrown or something like that?
sorry :)
taxilian 13:05 no, because there is no constness across the npapi boundary
diorcety 13:05 well
taxilian 13:05 What you can do is have things like read-only methods/properties
and/or use securityzones; you can use JSAPIProxy to have two different objects (in javascript) for the same object and each has a different effective security zone
diorcety 13:05 i do that actually
taxilian 13:05 well, using that method you can simulate constness
EBDev 17:05 Do any of yall have any troubleshooting tips for my compiled plugin? I compiled it in XCode, it outputted a file, but it doesnt seem to want to work. The webapp doesnt seem to acknowledge its existence