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pixelhead 10:05 hello. first time user of firebreath and must say it works pretty darn nicely. great job!
the only issue i'm finding right now is my plugin does not run in XP. I am building on Win7 using VS2012 Express. My plugin is just the default one generated by fbgen.
After running the msi installer, I do see the folder and dll under AppData.When running Firefox, I can see my plugin under the Plugins list. When opening the test FBControl.htm, IE8, FF, and Chrome do not load the plugin.
I ran the msiexec in verbose mode and there were some "Error" text in the log but not sure what they mean.
Also, I'm running XP in VirtualBox if that matters at all.
taxilian 11:05 pixelhead I'd try building it with windows xp; I don't know of why it woulnd't work on xp, but that's one thing to try
TommyTrojan 11:05 Hi
taxilian 11:05 yes?
TommyTrojan 11:05 have read a number of your posts on stackoverflow and here
had a quick question, need some directions
taxilian 11:05 go for it
TommyTrojan 11:05 I'm trying to silent install a program using FireBreath if the version doesn't match current version
for my application
need some directions on how I could do this, i can launch an application using firebreath, just confused how to silent install?
taxilian 11:05 the first thing to understand is that this isn't at all a firebreath question
you happen to be doing it in firebreath, but that's just coincidental to the problem
if you were to solve the issue in a regular windows app the same method would work in firebreath (except possibly in IE on vista and later w/ UAC enabled, but that's another issue)
TommyTrojan 11:05 alrite thanks, I'll look into it now
taxilian 11:05 silent install is going to depend on what type of installer it is
with an msi, you use msiexec /s (or maybe it was /q? I forget. msiexec /? for details)
other installers differ
some don't have a silent install option
TommyTrojan 11:05 yeah I'm able to silent install from command line on windows using /q option
taxilian 11:05 then there you go
when you execute it, pass the /q option
but remember you'll have issues in IE w/ UAC
jshanab 12:05 A question about plugin life-cycle. When I have a page with my plugin on it and A link on that page goes to another page with my plugin on it, I know they can overlap but what about the staticInitialize and Deinitialize? Can I ever end up with init1 init2 deinit1 deint2 ?
taxilian 12:05 staticinitialize should only ever be called once per process
or at least without deinitialize being called
so no, that should never happen
jshanab 12:05 OK. weird. i am using curl and have curl_global_init inside the static init and curl_global_cleanup in the deinit. The stack trace I had lookrd like it began the new connection then had an access violation becasue the global cleanup got called.
taxilian 12:05 huh
jshanab 12:05 Now that I found my heap corruption issue (which you would not believe) I now need to undo some desperate things i tried during the course of fixing it. One of those is surely getting me.
taxilian 13:05 lol
jshanab 13:05 A bit of a snafu. curl has a progress function and you set an abort flag and it causes the pending request to exit with a curl error. Perfect. But I let the plugin destruct at that point and it now happens fast enough to get to the static de-init and rips the curl lib out from under the curl threads befoere they can orderly shut down.
taxilian 13:05 lol
gotta hate dealing with threads
jshanab 13:05 I finnaly figured out how difficult it is to use boost's join when you do not have a blockable main. There is a race condition using their join to exit a thread. Or calling a join in a DTOR, or using the unreliable joinable function. I had to exit a differetn way
postalrat 14:05 I want to write a plugin for that does printing and other misc things for a kiosk. The forms are html documents. I was wondering what would be the best way to render these forms offscreen and print them from a plugin.
EBDev 16:05 So whats y'alls take on this error when trying to compile for OS X: ./ line 10: cmake: command not found
i re-installed CMAke just to make sure and still got it
taxilian 16:05 EBDev gone? he's missing his symlinks for cmake
TommyTrojan 18:05 @taxilian, thanks for the directions in the morning, just had a quick question which is somewhat related to firebreath