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gouri 05:05 Hiii
could you please tell me how to register C# dll in Firebreath JavaScripts page?
DawG 07:05 Hello, I wish to make a chrome plugin that is able to launch an external game that is installed on my computer. Will firebreath help me do the job?
jshanab 08:05 DawG Such things are often strongly discouraged by the OS/Borwser for security reasons. If however the game was installed by the browser into a directory the browser then has access to....You may be able to fit it into the security model.
Keeping all the sand in the same sandbox :-)
taxilian 08:05 DawG: yes, you can do that with a firebreath plugin, but please be very careful; you could also expose a huge security hole to the browser that way
DawG 10:05 Thank you for your response. I
I have started to create a firebreath project described on the website. After my project has been setup what would be the next step to simply launch a .exe file somewhere on the drive?
taxilian 10:05 I'd say the next step is reading the getting started page
DawG 10:05 allright will look into it
DawG 11:05 works like a charm
JohnS_ 14:05 I recently upgraded to 1.7 and getting the following error on linux: 17 [140433754053056] INFO FireBreath <> - /home/js/src/FB/player/third_party/FireBreath/src/PluginAuto/X11/PluginWindowX11.cpp:50 - FB::PluginWindowX11::PluginWindowX11(const FB::WindowContextX11&) - Creating new PluginWindowX11 [8151:8151:0528/] Request for widget host for unknown window id 46137348. The plugin cr
taxilian 14:05 huh
no idea
EBDev 15:05 Anyone else have issues with XCode when compiling where it gives you a warning telling you to "update to recommended settings" and cancels the build?
jshanab 16:05 I think i have. I had to select the sdk in the project settings ???
taxilian 16:05 on the phone