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jshanab 09:05 FYI The newest FF now ignores the prefs file I added for IPC and puts my plugin back into a plugin-container. The default plugin folder location has changed
I was reworking my plugin shutdown code to shut down faster and it does, but I now am definitlyy creating new plugin instances before the old one dies. Not sure if this is the reason or if the faster shutdown has just exposed this, but I now get weakHost expired And I cannot find the darn thing. Any suggestions welcomed!
jshanab 10:05 Good Morning taxilian
taxilian 10:05 good morning
jshanab 10:05 I know i have been absent of late
I am fighting a weakhost has expired issue for the last 3 days. When I get to onPluginReady refcount is 4 then 5. When I hit NPP_destroy it goes down to 2 which != 0. Grrr
taxilian 10:05 so the issue is that the weakhost *hasn't* expired
not that it has
it means that something you have is holding onto a shared_ptr to the browser_host that needs to be a weak_ptr
jshanab 10:05 Right the assert is the other way. I have read that explination over and over, I just cannot find any references or any remaining objects at that point in time.
So far I have traced CreateBrowserHost 0->1 then Plugin->SetHost 1-3 then NpapiNewDatHolder 3->4 then getRootJSAPI 4->5 Do these numbers look correct?
taxilian 10:05 probably
is your jsapi object holding a shared_ptr to the browserhost?
jshanab 10:05 It was as generated, a weakPointer, but i will double check
taxilian 10:05 it's possible there is a bug in the system, I suppose, but I'm not seeing it
try to repro on fbtestplugin as well
gotta run. good luck
jshanab 10:05 Thanks
jshanab_ 20:05 Good evening taxilian.
taxilian 20:05 good evening
jshanab_ 20:05 Well after many hours I kinda know what is wrong. My plugin DTOR never gets called. the ref count is 1 to many. But I cannot find it.
taxilian 20:05 awesome
that sounds like a blast
you could probably manually release the jsapi and browserhost objects in the shutdown method
jshanab_ 20:05 I need to write a smarter smart pointer. One that has bookeeping and can tell me who holds those references.
taxilian 20:05 lol
jshanab_ 20:05 I tried. I made it look as much like the testplugin, i never had a releaseRootJSAPI in my DTOR, I had a pointer.reset
taxilian 20:05 there is a call on the browserhost that will release all retained JSAPI objects
jshanab_ 20:05 The one that is right after the releaseRootJSAPI in the example? It did not do it. Between the call of "Delete handle" and the assert The plugin dtor does not get called. Even with weak pointers I had to give up for the evening.
taxilian 20:05 can you repro the issue iwth the testplugin?
jshanab_ 20:05 NO the testplugin is fine!
taxilian 20:05 huh
have you tried a simpler html page to see if it's related to js?
jshanab_ 20:05 Obiously something I am doing wrong. I just cannot see it. I did see the lot of events caused by windows event. Each event calls getPlugin() to call the JS and that bumps the plugin refcount for a moment.
I am hoping that it will just magically show itself in the morning. Sometimes you have to walk away!
taxilian 21:05 hhe
wish I could help… maybe another day I can look at it with you
gotta run now
good luck