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MindCalamity 08:05 taxilian: I made a pull request
taxilian 08:05 I'll take a look
cshu 09:05 taxilian, I made the 'new obj' work and posted my findings to firebreath-dev. thanks for your help!
taxilian 09:05 I just saw that; thanks! Would you mind putting it on somewhere?
cshu 09:05 taxilian, I wasn't sure where to put and I found the link to firebreath-dev. Is there a wiki on fire
taxilian 09:05 yes, it's a wiki
the whole site
cshu 09:05 taxilian, ok, i found the "interacting with javascript" topic and will enhance it
taxilian 09:05 probably make that a sub-page and link to it from there
cshu 09:05 yeah
taxilian 09:05 awesome, thanks
cshu 09:05 taxilian, done!
taxilian, feel free to help me update the content/wording/format. :)
taxilian 09:05 I probably will; just looked at it and there isn't much by way of formatting, but it's better htan nothing, so we'll go iwth it 'til I (or someone else) has time to make it look nicer
cshu 09:05 thanks
Leonid 09:05 Hello! I have the object which inherits from FB::JSAPIAuto object and it's created when I load a plugin from the chrome tab. When I close the tab, I expect the destructor of my object to be called, but it's actually not. Here is the call stack when my object is created:
npSKDeviceAccess.dll!FB::PluginCore::getRootJSAPI() Line 266 C++ npSKDeviceAccess.dll!FB::Npapi::NpapiPlugin::getScriptableObject() Line 58 C++ npSKDeviceAccess.dll!FB::Npapi::NpapiPlugin::GetValue(NPPVariable variable, void * value) Line 129 C++ npSKDeviceAccess.dll!FB::Npapi::NpapiPluginModule::NPP_GetValue(_NPP * instance, NPPVariable variable, void * value) Line 383 C++
And when I close the tab I see only this call: NPError NpapiPluginModule::NPP_Destroy(NPP instance, NPSavedData** save)
How can I handle the closer of the tab to destroy my object?
taxilian 09:05 most likely you're inadvertantly creating a circular reference to your JSAPI object somewhere
either that or firebreath has a bug
but probably (hopefully =]) the first
Leonid 09:05 Thanks, I was thinking in this direction. I will create a dummy JSAPI object which will be empty and see if it resolves the issue.
EnginA 10:05
out of date ?
no buildex directory
here's build/projects/FOO
but when i run xcodebuild in build/ .plugin files are not geenrated
though compilation took a good 5-10 minutes
aha link failure
The following build commands failed:
Ld /Users/engin/Code/firebreath-dev/build/projects/FBTestPlugin/ normal i386
taxilian 11:05 EnginA buildex is only when you build examples
EnginA 11:05 well, i've run ./ examples
and example projects are present in build/
taxilian 11:05 that's odd
EnginA 11:05 anyway, any idea on the linking error i've pasted
btw, i'm on 64-bit mac
taxilian 11:05 not offhand
that shouldn't matter
try building again?
occasionally I've seen similar build issues that are intermittent
EnginA 11:05 does this look right to you btw
taxilian 11:05 not really; you shouldn't have all of those in the same dir
I'd delete your build dir and rerun
move your project out of the fb tree
EnginA 11:05 rerun what
taxilian 11:05 rerun the prep script
EnginA 11:05 ok, i'll run ./ examples in a fresh chckut
ok, buildex is now generated
tonikitoo 15:05 taxilian, ping
taxilian 15:05 hello
ajinkya 16:05 hi
anyone in here?
taxilian 16:05 nope
just lots of very intelligent spam bots
(well, intelligent for a spam bot)
ajinkya 16:05 have a bunch of questions
taxilian 16:05 have you looked for the answers yourself first?
have you looked at the getting started page?
ajinkya 16:05 yes, went throught all of it
taxilian 16:05 okay
ask away, I'll help if I'm able
tonikitoo 19:05 taxilian_away, I am on mac. To add a framework to link against in my project, should I change cmake or xcode?
(maybe I can catch you when you are back
dougma 20:05 Use cmake. Because rerunning prepmac recreates the xcode project files