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MindCalamity 02:05 Since this is a new day, let me rephrase my question. Text events are events for text buttons (A, B, C, etc...), and the only property FB::TextEvent has is text, which contains the text of the event. How do I get KeyDown and and KeyUp events for text keys, or rather, how do I know if the text event is for a KeyDown, or for a KeyUp event)
anjali 03:05 Hi guys! has ne1 come up with an first chance exception while debugging a plugin in firebreath?
wally2 06:05 ping
taxilian 06:05 pong
wally2 07:05 do you know what would cause these errors: add_library cannot create imported target "boost_unit_test_framework-static" because another target with the same name already exists.
after running ./ -DWITH_SYSTEM_BOOST=1 -DBOOST_ROOT="/usr/include/boost"
taxilian 07:05 have you tried using prepmake?
I assume you're on linux?
wally2 07:05 I haven't tried premake.. yes... I'm on CentOS 6.4
taxilian 07:05 see if you have the same issue when buliding with make
just to verify
is this an empty project, straight from fbgen?
have you tried building FBTestPlugin?
wally2 07:05 yes.. This is an empty project generated from
taxilian 07:05 interesting
I don't know what would cause that
I don't use external boost
wally2 07:05 ok.. thanks.. I'll keep poking around at it.
gourii 07:05 Hiii
krishna- 07:05 taxilian: has anyone tried to write auto updating plugin? because plugin has direct access to the backend filesystem it could replace itself
gourii: hello
taxilian 07:05 krishna- many people
it's a pain
and quite fragile
krishna- 07:05 taxilian: oh!
taxilian 07:05 the issue isn't replacing itself, the issue is getting the browser to recognize the new plugin without a manual restart
krishna- 07:05 taxilian: wont browser recognize if the versioning info has changed during navigator.plugins.refresh() ?
taxilian 07:05 most npapi browsers will if you do it right
people have had the most trouble with ie
krishna- 08:05 ok
that is fine ... i wont be supporting ie anyway
pixelhead 12:05 hello. noob to firebreath.