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making1971 03:05 Hi all, given that std::string cannot be null. what is the recommended way to return a string that can be either a value or null? (I'm using FB to wrap round a C# activeX dll where a function returns a string or null if the user hits cancel)
gouri 03:05 Hiiiiii
making1971 03:05 hi
reichi 03:05 making1971: using FBVariant
which can basically hold "any" value
sorry it#s FB::variant
making1971 03:05 Thanks, I tried that - I had a test function which returned FB::variant. When I returned null and did an alert(result) in javascript I got 0, so I guess some conversion is going on somewhere
reichi 03:05 you cannot return null
making1971 03:05 thanks, I'm from a C and C# background (managed to avoid C++) so find this having std::string which cannot be null a little wierd TBH ;)
reichi 03:05 don#t forget you're interacting with javascript
making1971 03:05 When passing values in would FB::variant let me pass nulls into a function. I have this case too (depending on the authentication method I pass a username and password or nulls)
reichi 03:05 i think there#s a makro but i don't know it by heart now
making1971 03:05 thanks
reichi 03:05 FB::FBNull()
take that
and use FB::variant as return type
making1971 03:05 Thankyou :)
That worked reichi - I can now return nulls thanks again
mirocks 04:05 which one is better if u want to run a video and image plugin--window/windowless
MindCalamity 07:05 So, how do we check for letter key events ?
The keycode enum only has the non-text keys.
reichi 07:05 yes
you can't fix it
unless you build your own browser
webkit does not return the keycode for non-text keys anymore (for quite a while already)
i do have a patch for WebCore to fix that ;)
but i guess it's not of any interest for you
MindCalamity 07:05 Hmm
I mean keys like ABCDEFG
I need text keys
reichi 07:05 no keycode for them
but the actual character
the keycode will, depending on the browser, be empty
MindCalamity 07:05 How do I get the character ?
reichi 07:05 iirc it's .text()
MindCalamity 07:05 in FB::KeyEvent
there is no text property
reichi 07:05 it#s a TextEvent
MindCalamity 07:05 Ah
thanks a lot :)
reichi 07:05 sorry, text() is webkit internal ;)
MindCalamity 07:05 it's a property here
just text
That'll do, I appreciate the help
reichi 07:05 np
that's something I've built a patch for ;)
MindCalamity 08:05 You mean combining the two events ?
or adding text events
reichi 08:05 no, making webkit raise a "real" KeyEvent again
I'm working on an embedded platform
MindCalamity 08:05 What about other browsers ?
reichi 08:05 we only have one on that platform ;)
which is fully under our control
but i do have to follow specifications for hbbtv
which are sometimes very, well... there are things solved in a way that can only be handled by patching the browser...
which i consider missconception :/
taxilian 08:05 good morning all
reichi 08:05 hi taxilian
MindCalamity 08:05 So how do we know if the text event is for a text key press or release ?
reichi 08:05 be careful with keypress ;)
A user agent must dispatch this event when a key is pressed down, if and only if that key normally produces a character value.
afaik browser do implement that differently
iirc Firefox still produces a keypress event for everything, while webkit does not
you should use keydown and keyup
i think
taxilian 08:05 it actually depends on which key you want
some keys are only available on certain events
reichi 08:05 i always felt the whole key event thing is quite a mess :/
taxilian 08:05 pretty much
SinnerSmile 10:05 Hello gentlemen, maybe some of you will help me to understand some basic thing here:
Well, i asked this on Stack and got a good answer (one that confirmed), but i can't understand a thing about apiPtr in the last string, as i get it, it must run mousePositionCallback function from my JavaScript wit argument of variant_list.. but how this apiPtr works and how actually must look this "pointer to FB::JSAPIPtr"
MindCalamity 11:05 I need text event status
pressed or released
SinnerSmile 11:05 released i think
MindCalamity 11:05 No no I mean we don['t get any info on what kind of event it is
just that it's text
but was the key containing the text pressed or released
SinnerSmile 11:05 isn't FB::MouseDownEvent itself contains meaning that mouse was well down - pressed?
oh sorry dropped from chat, mayve i just don't understand what are you asking (
JohnSK 11:05 I need help with colors getting messed up with windowless rendering in Chrome.
More on the issue at: I implemented the work around (set background color of plugin to black). Now I see the words "FireBreath Plugin" on the video object. Is there a way not to display the words on the video object?
taxilian 11:05 JohnSK: if you're seeing those words you haven't overridden the drawing handling on the plugin
or maybe you aren't returning true from the RefreshEvent handler
JohnSK 11:05 @taxilian - thanks for your help. return true was commented, and uncommenting the line fixed the problem. Thanks again.
tonikitoo 14:05 taxilian, is it ok to re-run within a already created projet?
(like to change the plugin name, etc)
taxilian 14:05 you can, but it will overwrite your files
I'd create a new project in a blank directory if you're going to do that
tonikitoo 14:05 sounds good, thanks
btw, this project ROCK!
taxilian 14:05 also note that you can change most project config stuff in PluginConfig.cmake
and then delete the build/ dir and recreate
glad it's helpful; contribute back in some way if you can, please
tonikitoo 14:05 taxilian, ah that is something I get confused about. It uses cmake, but in your last video, you actually open xcode to build
what is the relationship? taxilian (if you mind to share again)
taxilian, I will be sure I contribute back in the most feasible way.
Guest81661 15:05 attempting to run ./ -D WITH_SYSTEM_BOOST -D BOOST_ROOT="/usr/include/boost"..... get errors.... "add_library cannot create imported target "boost_wave-mt-static-debug" because another target with the same name already exists.
attempting to run ./ -D WITH_SYSTEM_BOOST=1 -D BOOST_ROOT="/usr/include/boost"..... get errors.... "add_library cannot create imported target "boost_wave-mt-static-debug" because another target with the same name already exists.
missed =1 in original message