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posterBoy 01:05 Hi guys!
I have a method SetHandle(HWND handle) in my c++ wrapper dll which is getting called everytime before a user wants to use any feature of a plugin..But the problem:
When i attach my debug to my browser(internet explorer) process in which the plugin is running, I get an exception of Kernelbase.dll which is unhandled. Has anybody experienced this before?
I tried asking a question on stackoverflow!Here's the link
oops typo* the same question
posterBoy 02:05 ne answers for the above^^
gouri_ 03:05 still I have not found an idea for exposing the C# classes from javascript in Firebreath.. could you please help me ?
krishna- 12:05 taxilian: usually, do deveopers make plugins log-enabled in the release build? or is logging enabled only for debugging purposes?
i know thats a "depends" question
taxilian 13:05 heh. that it is
so what I do is I enable logs, but only if a specific directory exists
so logging will work but only if you create the directory the logs should go into
that way I can enable logs for debugging in the field as needed
krishna- 13:05 ok
thats a good idea
another question, in the FB docs, it says binary data exchange between plugin and browser does not work properly
is it still the case? because it is working fine for me
taxilian 13:05 not so much that it doesn't work properly as that there isn't a good way to do it
you're sending it in a string?
krishna- 13:05 yeah
taxilian 13:05 yeah, that may work in some browsers but will not on all browsers
and may not in some versions of some browsers
that API is only intended to pass UTF8 string data
krishna- 13:05 ok
taxilian 13:05 it could well be unpredictable because of that; might even work with some data, not other data
krishna- 13:05 ok
if a plugin segfaults does it create a core?
taxilian 13:05 probably depends on the platform and the configuration
krishna- 13:05 ok
will check how to enable it on mac
i implemented the security zone for my plugin, is there anything else i need to do to limit access to the plugin only to my site?
here is the commit
taxilian 13:05 well, I'd do some testing, but that looks like it should cover it
krishna- 13:05 cool
taxilian 13:05 note that this won't help protect against XSS or DNS spoofing attacks
krishna- 13:05 yeah
taxilian 13:05 but those are probably not a huge concern
krishna- 13:05 yeah .. but still .. i will be aware of it
do you work full time on firebreath?
taxilian 13:05 no
I work for GradeCam; I spend some of my time on plugin work, but lately not very much
krishna- 13:05 ok
firebreath is an amazing project. thank you!
SinnerSmile 19:05 good morning/evening/night gentleman
taxilian are you here?