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krishna-- 01:05 taxilian_away: i am calling fire_<function> into java script not from the main thread.... is it ok?
Guest37403 07:05 how to download/upload using post ..
newbie|2 07:05 hi
SinnerSmile 13:05 Good day genleman
Can you help me and look on this question..
in the confirmed answer
i just can't get one thing
as i understand it checks for click and then run "mousePositionCallback" function in my JavaScript with argument of FB::variant_list_of(evt->m_x)(evt->m_y)
buut i can't get what is "apiPtr is the pointer to FB::JSAPIPtr"... i don't understand how can i correctly write this pointer in my code.
SinnerSmile 15:05 taxilian, still away?