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wamp3ter 00:05 I have a bit of a problem, basically on plugin load I need to check for and download a file if it is absent or if it is too old. I have got something working via onPluginReady, however it just occured to me that every page that has the plugin will run the downloader which means my file could get clobbered
I could put flocks there but was wondering if there is a better way
I could perhaps put it in static initialize but then I would have to get the proxies from SystemProxyDetector and use cURL. is that better?
@taxilian ^^
taxilian 00:05 you could also have the first one set a global flag and the others check it to see that it's already being downloaded
wamp3ter 00:05 I fire an event when its ready to be used, so if I add the flag, is there any way for the other instances to wait for the flag to be unset and then fire their event?
taxilian 00:05 well, this could get tricky, but you could add weak_ptr references to a vector and call a method on all of them when it finishes
just make sure it's a weak_ptr not a shared_ptr so you don't keep plugins alive after their time
all plugin instances are in the same memory space
granted, you could still have an issue if the plugin is opened in multiple browsers at once
wamp3ter 00:05 hmm... I think instead of the flag the flock with the weak_ptr could solve the multi-browser problem too
let me try the flag option, the lock can always be added on
taxilian 00:05 different browsers will be in different processes
so weak_ptrs won't fix a multi-browser problem, but will a multi-tab/window problem
wamp3ter 00:05 ah yes, sorry I was only thinking about the flock not about the callback. this might sound silly but is there any way to auto-reload the plugin (so to speak) after a timeout?
taxilian 00:05 with javascript, I suppose
not from the plugin, though
wamp3ter 00:05 so it looks like it might be better to simply provide a jsapi endpoint and let a script take care of download
taxilian 00:05 just be careful of security
wamp3ter 00:05 I have been restricting base urls (for downloads), plus https also been restircting where it can download files (plus no relative parts in the url) so far
I will have to look into how the js could be subverted though, have not yet thought too much about it, will probably come back to bug you some more about it once I have thought it through
krishna__ 09:05 taxilian, can you tell me what software you used for creating tutorial videos for firebreath?
taxilian 09:05 camtasia
a user donated me a license
krishna__ 09:05 ah, ok
taxilian, i am working on this plugin, wait let me show you
taxilian, here it is: it would be nice to have your feedback
i have uploaded there mac plugin right now
taxilian 09:05 give me a few; I'm in the middle of something right now
krishna__ 09:05 sure!
taxilian 09:05 krishna— this is kinda cool
krishna-- 09:05 taxilian: thank you :)
taxilian 09:05 it didn't set up my terminal nromally, though
krishna-- 09:05 oh
can you explain more?
taxilian 09:05 my environment, I mean
the regular setup scripts like /etc/profile hadn't been run
krishna-- 09:05 it works on chrome only right now
taxilian 09:05 right, I saw that
why is that?
krishna-- 09:05 the terminal emulator - i took it from another project ... it works fine only on chrome. i have to fix it to make it work on other browsers
taxilian 09:05 ahh
so what does the plugin do?
krishna-- 09:05 it opens a pty ... thats it "man forkpty"
reichi 09:05 mmh
taxilian 09:05 might have to do something to make it fully init the environment
probably something small
krishna-- 09:05 yeah ... will check
taxilian 09:05 like the difference between su root and su - root
krishna-- 09:05 yeah
works fine on linux though
will check for mac
reichi 09:05 the download for linux is missing, right?
krishna-- 09:05 reichi: yeah i need to upload the plugin there
give me an hour
reichi 09:05 don't hurry
i think i'll give it shot tomorrow :)
krishna-- 09:05 will be glad to get feedback on it :)
taxilian 09:05 my first concern looking at it is security; how does it communicate the screen between clients?
krishna-- 09:05 taxilian: right now the plugin is accessible by all websites, need to make it accessible only by, what would hte best way be to do it?
taxilian: using websockets (secured)
taxilian 09:05 hmm. there is no 100% foolproof way to do it, but I'd use the m_host->getDOMWindow()->getLocation() call to get the current page URL
and verify that the domain is what you expect
that'll at least ensure that it can't be used without compromizing the DNS
krishna-- 09:05 ok
even if dns is compromised, https protects it right?
taxilian 09:05 only if the user actually pays attention to the warning and doesn't just ignore it =]
but that's another thing you can do is verify that it's in https mode
krishna-- 09:05 yep
taxilian 09:05 you could also pop up a dialog to allow the page to use it or something
in that case you'd probably want to use JSAPIProxy to avoid giving the JSAPI object to the browser until you've verified
krishna-- 09:05 i redirect http to https automatically
taxilian 09:05 right, but in case of dns spoof you wouldn't
krishna-- 09:05 ok
taxilian 09:05 so the plugin should verify that
krishna-- 09:05 ok
i will be back soon
[Outcast] 10:05 so success I can now make sip calls in my browser using pjsip and FireBreath.
taxilian 10:05 nice!
don't suppose that will be open source?
I've wanted to integrate a sip client with a plugin for a long time
[Outcast] 10:05 Not at the moment.
taxilian 10:05 *sigh* =]
ahh, well
[Outcast] 10:05 I am working a network testing tool for work.
taxilian 10:05 cool
[Outcast] 10:05 but I might be convinced to start my own open source side project
We could call it FireChat.
taxilian 10:05 a sip client by itself would be awesome as a sample project
I'd probably help with that one, a little anyway
I'm so strapped for time these days...
[Outcast] 10:05 yea, I guess that.
I am still trying to get grasp of everything that is under firebreath.
There is a different in using an API from understand a API.
taxilian 10:05 I have done a few videos on the internals
but you're right, there is a lot
[Outcast] 10:05 but all I have to say is thank you for doing it. It has by product development a lot easier.
and I will try to contribute back when possible.
taxilian 10:05 I'm glad it's helpful. If you are able, please contribute back however you can; sample projects, documentation, blog posts, tutorials, money, supporting other users… everything helps
lol. thanks
reichi 10:05 i think firebreath is pretty well understandable
i mean the "internals"
taxilian 10:05 why thanks =] of course, you've dug around more than most
reichi 10:05 I've added a "new" platform which took only a rough day
taxilian 10:05 how hard has that been to keep up to date with the latest trunk?
reichi 10:05 i have original fb repo wiht my changes
merging is mostly painless
usually goes without any further ado
but i havent upgraded for months now
since i had no reason to do so :)
krishna-- 11:05 taxilian: what would the license of the files generated by be?
taxilian 12:05 krishna-- technically new bsd, I suspect
but they weren't really intended to be licensed any particular way; they are your files
krishna-- 12:05 taxilian: ok then ... will put it under MIT (similar to new bsd)
[Outcast] 12:05 Trying to working on a call back for one my classes and getting this error: C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'void (__thiscall myAPI::* )(void)' to 'void (__cdecl *)(void)'
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Hang on I might be doing this in wrong order.
taxilian 12:05 you have a problem with your arguments
I'd need to see the line to know more
[Outcast] 12:05 let try something first. I might be bass awkward!!
krishna-- 12:05 taxilian: I have put the plugin under MIT here: let me know if i am doing anything wrong license wise or otherwise :)
reichi: i have uploaded linux plugin 64bit ... checkout
taxilian: another question, lets say i had generated framework files using using FB1.6, can i use from FB1.7 or later?
[Outcast] 13:05 taxilian: take a look at the example I set up at
when I try to set the call back I get a error similar to above.
taxilian 13:05 krishna-- there are no breaking changes in 1.7 that I know of
[Outcast] 13:05 taxilian: ok fixed typeos
but the is now giving the same error as before.
taxilian 13:05 which line?
why are you using function pointers?
[Outcast] 13:05 I was trying to do a call back method.
taxilian 13:05 don't do that
use a functor if you're going to do such a thing
[Outcast] 13:05 k
taxilian 13:05 wasn't it you I was talking about using weak_ptr though?
[Outcast] 13:05 no
taxilian 13:05 oh
confusing people
[Outcast] 13:05 at least I don't rememver
doing so.
taxilian 13:05 so what problem are you trying to solve with a callback?
krishna-- 13:05 taxilian: ok cool, thanks
[Outcast] 13:05 I have event that I trigger to send messages to javascript console. I want to able to extend it my custom class.
taxilian 13:05 and why aren't you just firing an event on your jsapi object?
[Outcast] 13:05 the API class creates an instance of that class. so I was hoping I could a point to the a local wrapper function to fire the event from inside my custom class.
taxilian 13:05 and why not just pass a weak_ptr of the jsapi object into your custom class and use that?
a callback the way you're proposing is very dangerous
there are so many ways you could shoot yourself in the foot it's kinda scary
[Outcast] 13:05 k
[Outcast] 14:05 is all of boost available in fire breath?
never mind looks like it.