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krishna_ 07:05 hi all, i built npFBTestPlugin.plugin on osx and did a symlink in ~/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/, but it is not showing up in chrome, i must be missing something, can't figure out what, it will be great if anyone can help
krishna_ 07:05 looks like someone else has the same problem:
let me check with fire breath 1.6 as he says
krishna_ 08:05 firebreath 1.6 works!!
[Outcast] 09:05 Just got compile with pjsip! :)
I just got pjsip to compile with firebreath
diorcety 09:05 [Outcast]:
[Outcast]: ?
[Outcast] 09:05 I am here
what can i Do you for.
diorcety 09:05 [Outcast]: compile with? which means?
[Outcast] 09:05 got it link with all the libs and source. Just going to see if I can get make calls
the idea is to have a complete SIP UA controllable by Javascript for a voip network testing application.
think but for voip
it does require a plugin, but so does (flash)
diorcety 10:05 ok
[Outcast] 10:05 Just had to do a clean and compile. This takes so long!!!!
Tudor_ 12:05 hello we're looking for a licensing agreement for use within our software? Can someone point me in the right direction?
We're using Firebreath to generate plugins that we are distributing
Tudor_ 12:05 talkative group :)
[Outcast] 12:05 We just don't have the answer to your question.
You should send an email to the project maintainers would be my guess.
kylehuff 14:05 for future reference, the Firebreath license information is on the "About FireBreath" wiki page;
wamp3ter 15:05 hi all. I am trying to embed an executable in a plugin, so that I can run it for some secure tasks. wondering if that is possible or would I be better off just downloading it post install and installing it?
wamp3ter1 21:05 hi. I was wondering if I wanted to download a file during plugin static init (just once per install) how would I go about doing it since I don't have the BrowserHostPointer
taxilian 21:05 it's not a good idea
because your plugin can be killed again at any time
what I would probably do is have another executable that does the download and launch that during init
wamp3ter1 21:05 @taxilian that makes sense. thanks a ton.
@taxilian is there any way to simply embed an file(s) in the plugin. I have not been able to figure out how to do that. That would eliminate the need for a extra downloader
because the problem remains the same, I would still have to ship the downloader somehow with the plugin or else embed it as part of the plugin
taxilian 22:05 the plugin itself is a dll file
so no, you can't put anything inside the dll file (or maybe you can, but not in a simple way, and I don't know how), but that doesn't mean you couldn't put other files in the same installer
wamp3ter1 22:05 that is what I thought. I am not very familiar with the browser apis internally but I assume nothing prevents me from using boost to open a socket and fetch some data then?
taxilian 22:05 nothing at all
you should be aware that by doing things that way you lose the browser's proxy detection, if any
wamp3ter1 22:05 ah now it makes sense. unfortunately I only wanted to do this once and not have to put it in the api which would require external impetus to trigger
taxilian 22:05 yeah, I'm just letting you know the pitfalls =]
wamp3ter1 22:05 thanks for you patience and help