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hii 04:05 hii all
ram_ 08:05 hi
can i use firebreath plug in c#
PKS 08:05 Hi
Guest262 08:05 Hi, I want to discuss one scenario with you. can you plz help me out?
finga 16:05 Hi, i've downloaded the latest zip source for FB, but now when I prep2010, I dont get a wix installer project, is this normal?
taxilian 16:05 you were getting it before?
finga 16:05 YES
taxilian 16:05 seems odd
could be broken by a recent pull request that was supposed to add support for wix 3.7
finga 16:05 I downloaded the latest FB, 1.7, and installed wix 3.7
should i downgrade wix to 3.6?
taxilian 16:05 oh
use master, then
it should work with wix 3.7
or downgrade wix
or you could probably set WIX_DIR
env variable
finga 16:05 I'll try to set env var