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krishna_ 01:05 yep
dougma 08:05 yep
alcaps 08:05 hi all. i have been working in a project where i open multiple windows with chrome but i wanted them to be 'fullscreen in the position i defined. i looked into npapi plugin and today i have found about firebreath. i wonder if there is any way using this plugin to make with the webapp im developing when i open to make them chromeless/windowless?
diorcety 09:05 taxilian_away: I "found" the issue … ie javascript engine is a crap … it keep reference somewhere … so the plugin stay loaded
reichi 09:05 surprise, IE sucks
who would've possibly expected that :p
taxilian 10:05 diorcety: it's probably related to a closure you have somewhere
reichi 10:05 hmm yes, IE is a lot pickier about correct javascript
taxilian 10:05 true
dcherman 10:05 it's not that it's pickier, it's that up until very recently, IE actually used two different garbage collectors for ActiveX/DOM and javascript. that's why event handlers in IE used to be very prone to memory leaks
reichi 10:05 i think IE still breaks when you do something like var json = {1,2,3,};
which is wrong
but works on every other browser ;)
dcherman 10:05 IE++ in that case imo - the code is syntactically incorrect and shouldn't run
then again if i had it my way, implicit semicolon insertion would go away too :/
reichi 10:05 ;)
actually a lot of languages and compilers can handle that
dcherman 10:05 what, ASI or the trailing comma?
reichi 10:05 the trailing comma
because you can fix that at compile time whilest being sure you don not mess up anything else
dcherman 10:05 fwiw it doesn't seem to break in IE10, so they changed that
reichi 10:05 ah, ok :)
[Outcast] 12:05 I feel like I am spending most my time doing datatype marshling
We need more convertors
sparky 14:05 Hi guys, an excited noob here, I've followed the steps, got a project using VS2010, used the prep script to get here, and now have the wixInstaller, I've built it, how do i get an msi to test on another computer?
naybody home?
[Outcast] 14:05 hey there
new here too.
Have not got to the point here I need to deploy yet.
*point where I
taxilian 14:05 sparky: it'll be in your build directory
something like build/bin/<plugin name>/debug
sparky 14:05 thanks
I've got npTestPlugin.dll in there
taxilian 14:05 if the wix install project succeeded there would be an msi as well
check your output again
sparky 14:05 OK, I'll clean & rebuild
sparky 14:05 Fails with this error
Error 10 error LGHT0204: ICE38: Component cmp054BAFBD41725B2AFE16A058F095F661 installs to user profile. It must use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file. C:\Projects\Plugin Code\FireBreath\build\projects\TestPlugin\npTestPlugin_auto.wxs
taxilian 14:05 does your plugin require any external DLLs?
[Outcast] 14:05 I have a noobish question consider the following: DWORD Delete :1
what is the ":1" indicating?
sparky 14:05 yes, i've added a reference to a third party dll that connects to the mic
[Outcast] 14:05 does it mean it is using only one bit of the DWORD?
taxilian 14:05 I haven't a clue what you're even talking about, outcast
sparky: you need the 3rd party dll to be copied into the output directory so it's there when the msi installer builds
[Outcast] 14:05 seem to be basic c/c++ hopefully for clarity typedef struct _blah { DWORD blah1 :2; DWORD blah2 :1; } BLAH;
taxilian 15:05 ahh, that
so yeah, I think it does mean that
[Outcast] 15:05 cool
sparky 15:05 this is the exact message i'm getting, doesnt look like this guy got a response!topic/firebreath-dev/1BP7a68weg0
taxilian 15:05 sparky: and yet, I just answered your question and told you how to fix it
[Outcast] 15:05 is that a windows only thing or is standard c++
taxilian 15:05 Outcast DWORD is a windows datatype, but the bit fields thing is standard c++
[Outcast] 15:05 cool
taxilian 15:05 sparky: though it is possible that the 64 bit builds may not be working with heat; I think they are, but not 100% sure
[Outcast] 15:05 I can see where that would be useful
taxilian 15:05 since very very few people actually need 64 bit plugin builds on windows, it doesn't come up much
sparky 15:05 Sorry mate, I made that change, and its copying the dll now, I can see the files, the msi is also now in the output directory, but that message comes up in VS
Ok, let me rerun prep not the x64 one
taxilian 15:05 oh, yeah, don't use x64 unless you know why you should
also, good chance the dll you copied is 32 bit not 64
so it wouldn't work
sparky 15:05 cool
sparky 16:05 hi
How do I set my dll to always copy to output?
I added to the output project in the build directory, but I gather thats the wrong place to put them
taxilian 16:05 you need a post-build action on the main plugin project
or similar