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Guest50256 02:05 cam anyone help me please
can anyone help me please
please guys
in VS2010 if i do build in my project name im face this error MSB8008 specified platform toolest (v110) is not installed or invaild . please make sure that a supported platform toolest value is selected
help me please .. thanke you
reichi 03:05 i would but i have no clue about vs
Guest50256 03:05 :(
reichi 03:05 taxillian, the main developer is from the US so you'll have to wait another ~5 hours or so for him
i think almost everyone in here is from a different timezone ;)
Guest50256 03:05 taxillian after 5 hours he will log in chat?
reichi 03:05 it's like 2 o'clock in the morning right now for him
or 3
pretty much in the middle of the night
Guest50256 03:05 ok thanke you very much man
i waiting him :D
Guest54845 05:05 Hi guys, I've created a plugin, but its failing to load in the browser. It connects to a scanner on the computer, Chrome just says failed to load the component. is there any way to debug it?
thebill 06:05 how do i debug a plugin that was once working but has stopped working now?
guuust 07:05 hello
can any one help me please
diorcety1 07:05 yes
guuust 07:05 when i do build in vs2010 my project name
im face the error MSB8008
error MSB8008 select platform v110
can you help me?
diorcety1 08:05 :| do you run the correct prep file?
guuust 08:05 prep2012.cmd
some people tell me the error because im use vs2010 ,, and the creator the project use visual studio 11
what now :S
byronc 11:05 I have a windowless plugin that works well except in IE10 on Windows 8. In IE10 on Windows 8 it doesn't draw in quite the correct place to start and any changes to the page make the region where drawing happens move around a little. The most information I could find from a search is taxilian mentioning the problem on Stack Overflow (
I also found someone mentioning a similar problem on an msdn forum:
taxilian 11:05 byronc: I've had similar issues with our plugin on ie10 on windows 8
byronc 11:05 Is there a known issue with windowless plugins on IE10? If so, where's the best place to dive in and help diagnose/fix the problem.
taxilian 11:05 but I haven't had time to track it down
so if you figure it out please let me know =]
[Outcast] 11:05 is there a where a to get a list of the methods that have been registered to browser?
taxilian 11:05 not sure I understand the question?
[Outcast] 11:05 I want to get the list of Methods I have registered via Javascript.
taxilian 11:05 for (var method in thisObj) { …. }
though that will give you properties as well
[Outcast] 11:05 right
taxilian 11:05 you could probably write a function that would give you a list of methods
pretty sure I left access to the needed things in JSAPIAuto
dcherman 11:05 actually pretty interesting - typeof doesn't report the report the correct type in JS, least in chrome
typeof plugin.fn === "object"
taxilian 11:05 that's because it *is* an object
… just one that can be executed as a function
it's not a real js function
dcherman 11:05 well that's interesting :/
taxilian 11:05 there are things we could do to try to improve that, but I don't think it's worth the work, particularly as it may create performance issues as well
[Outcast] 11:05 basically I am digging around the object to see if there is away to call a method this way plugin.doMethod("echo",args) or something similar.
taxilian 11:05 something like plugin.echo.apply(null, args)?
[Outcast] 11:05 no I need to be able to call the function by a string. IE var method = "echo"; var arg="blah";,arg);
taxilian 11:05 do for example, plugin[method](arg)?
[Outcast] 11:05 yea
taxilian 11:05 dude, that's how javascript works
[Outcast] 11:05 will that work?
taxilian 11:05 and asdf["foo"] are exactly the same
well, maybe not exactly
[Outcast] 11:05 sorry still learning javascript
taxilian 11:05 but in this case exactly
[Outcast] 11:05 what happens when you have more than one arg?
taxilian 12:05 no difference
it's just a function call
[Outcast] 12:05 sweet
thanks for kicking me in the right direction.
taxilian 12:05 np
amirsaad 12:05 hi
taxilian 12:05 hello
[Outcast] 12:05 Hey there.
amirsaad 12:05 i need some help
taxilian 12:05 okay
amirsaad 12:05 I finished my work in firebreath
i want to show you what i need
can i put URL here?
taxilian 12:05 why don't you explain the problem first
amirsaad 12:05 i need to make application for chat work in ACTIVEX control
but firefo and chroom not support activeX
taxilian 12:05 I thought you said you already finished the firebreath work?
wouldn't that include solving this problem?
amirsaad 12:05 after i finished i dont know how create the application :(
taxilian 12:05 ?
are you talking about a web app?
amirsaad 12:05 yes
taxilian 12:05 do you know javascript and html?
amirsaad 12:05 yes
taxilian 12:05 okay, so what is the breakdown? where are you stuck?
(this would be what I meant when I ask you to explain the problem; not to explain the problem you are trying to solve, but to explain what specific issue you came here to get help on)
amirsaad 12:05 Can I show you is an example of what I speak?
taxilian 12:05 sure
amirsaad 12:05
look at that
this is voicechat
taxilian 12:05 okay
and what am I looking at?
what is it you are trying to show me?
amirsaad 12:05 in source code
se <object id="plugin0" type="application/x-bmcchatstarter" width="0" height="0">
taxilian 12:05 right
amirsaad 12:05 im create this code from your video
on you tube
taxilian 12:05 okay
amirsaad 12:05 and im created FBControl.htm it work good
to make the application like this chat
what is the next step
taxilian 12:05 I am not going to walk you step by step through creating an entire application
that is not the purpose of this chatroom
the purpose of this chatroom is to get help with a firebreath plugin
if you want help with figuring out how to detect the version and/or instantiate, or how to add features, I can help you with that
but you need to do your own work
read the getting started pages on the website — that's what they are there for
come to me when you have a specific question
amirsaad 12:05 okay
taxilian 12:05 even a chat room dedicated to helping people write applications won't help you with that question, though
"what is the next step" is a very bad question; that's the question *you* have to answer
once you know what the next thing you want to accomplish is, then ask yourself "how do I accomplish that"
eventually you'll either hit a point where you say "how do I do ….(something)?" and that's where you start asking other people
what you do next is something only you can determine
it's the difference between "help me please" and "do this for me please"
I will help you, but I will not do it for you
does that make sense?
amirsaad 12:05 im so sorry man
taxilian 12:05 I'm not offended, I'm just not going to do it for you =] good luck
amirsaad 12:05 okey
taxilian 12:05 do the parts that you can do — when you have questions that you can't find the answer to yourself, specific questions about how to do specific things, come back here. we'll do what we can to help
amirsaad 12:05 ok thank you
again im sorry
good bey
taxilian 12:05 no worries
good luck
krishna_ 13:05 hey guys, what is the best way to distribute a plugin on chrome? a downloadable-installable or packing it as an extension and put it on chrome web store?
diorcety 14:05 hi
anyone can help me with the wix stuff
taxilian 14:05 krishna_: that really depends on your preference
I use a msi, you could do it however, though
main advantage to an msi is it works on all browsers
diorcety: depends on the wix stuff, I might be able to
[Outcast] 14:05 thank you for including jsoncpp it helping me big time right now.
hmm root.asString() just caused my plugin to crash.
Error: Error calling method on NPObject!
taxilian 14:05 did your plugin crash, or did a js exception get thrown?
[Outcast] 14:05 plugin crashed
going to step through. I most likely trying to pass the wrong datatype somewhere.
taxilian 14:05 if you attach a debugger it should catch the crash
[Outcast] 14:05 that is what I am doing.
diorcety 14:05 taxilian: i have a problem ... my activex update not really working ... it works but i have to refresh the page ... i have strange behaviour ... the update is working ... but if i doesn't refresh internet explorer load a plugin ... but the old one (which doesn't exist anymore)
taxilian 14:05 I've had issues like that before but it was related to bad reg keys getting left behind
I don't know
likely not wix related, though
diorcety 14:05 yes yes
i am seeking the issue
taxilian: the TypeLib stuff in wix auto generate fragment is generated from the activex informations?
taxilian 14:05 generated by running dllregisterserver on the dll and recording what happens
[Outcast] 14:05 awesome I just made my debugger crash!!
krishna_ 14:05 taxilian, actually there are pros and cons about which path to take to distribute ... i was wondering if there is any preferred/recommended way
if i put it on chrome web store, installation is straight forward and easy, but the downside is that it says "this extension has access to all your data and all the sites you visit" which might scare the user away
taxilian 14:05 krishna_: Absolutely. I prefer and recommend to use the msi method. Others recommend different methods, but that's what I recommend
krishna_ 14:05 taxilian, this is macos/linux only plugin :(
taxilian 14:05 ahh
well, on linux I can't help you
krishna_ 14:05 easiest way for mac/linux is to download the plugin and put it in .mozilla/plugins?
taxilian 14:05 mac os I use an applescript bundle
krishna_ 14:05 ok
let me google for applescript and see how its used
[Outcast] 14:05 getting a Js::JavascriptExceptionObject when returning root.asString()
might need to set a var then return
root = Json::Value
aahh I see it says "Not Implemented"
krishna_ 14:05 taxilian, do we have any documentation on sample plugin with applescript bundle implementation on
taxilian 14:05 unfortunately no
I could maybe send you the one I use, though
krishna_ 14:05 that would be great!
taxilian 14:05 and you could make it into a real example =]
krishna_ 14:05 thanks! :)
krishna dot srinivas gmail
taxilian, thanks for the firebreath project ... it is absolutely awesome!
taxilian 14:05 I'm glad it's useful to you is the installer stuff
krishna_ 14:05 thanks .. looking at it
[Outcast] 15:05 Just curious if someone can explain this:
figured it out while I was typing
taxilian 15:05 lol
glad we could help
[Outcast] 15:05 :P
krishna_ 15:05 taxilian, what is the recommended way to ensure that my plugin on user's machine is used only by my website and not allow any random website to embed and use the plugin?
[Outcast] 15:05 you could check the domain from the dom. would be my guess but that can easily be spoofed using /etc/hosts or your own dns server.
krishna_ 15:05 [Outcast], ok... thanks
diorcety 15:05 f****
[Outcast] 15:05 you might need to have some sort key hash that can only be generated by your domain.
not sure how to implement right off the bat. would have to think more about it.
krishna_ 15:05 [Outcast], i guess this is a fairly common issue w.r.t plugins right? there must be a good solution for it
[Outcast] 15:05 I would imagine. Just new to the plugin development world.
krishna_ 15:05 ok
diorcety 15:05 taxilian: The properties seems cached.
taxilian: during the update installation internet explorer remove activex (i see the dll unload with process explorer)
taxilian: but never add back the new activex
taxilian: but the object is cached
taxilian: properties are still available but ... a method call produce "SCRIPT16385" not implemented
taxilian 16:05 you might try using the object id instead of hte mimetype
just to test
diorcety 16:05 taxilian: already tried no change
taxilian 16:05 :-/
diorcety 16:05 taxilian: i can assume that ie doesn't like javascript remove/add activex stuff
i go to bed
wamp3ter 17:05 hi all. i was wondering if there were pre-processor defines for different browser builds.
I wanted to be able to occassionally do different things for #ifdef CHROME vs FIREFOX vd ...
taxilian 17:05 wamp3ter: nope, because we don't build differently for different browsers
only for different platforms (windows, x11, mac)
firebreath is more into the whole "one plugin to rule them all" concept
wamp3ter 17:05 @taxilian ah thanks