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munna 02:05 is anyone to help me
am created a setup file in visual studio 2008 in msi format, i want to upload that msi file on our website and need to give an option to our client to install that directly without downloading,
for this purpose am using
var WshShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell"); WshShell.Run("rundll32 SHELL32.DLL,ShellExec_RunDLL msiexec /qb /i' REBOOT=ReallySuppress", 1, false);
but its not working on firefox
how to use Firebreath for this application to use ActiveX object on firefox
sany 05:05 may i know if the overloaded methods work during registerMethod?
i have made modified version of MediaPlayerPlugin example, but i noticed that the plugin().play() always call the " bool pluginAPI::play(void) " method whether or not i pass in string argument
reichi 05:05 ja have to use FB::CatchAll
(or something that's called something like that)
you can't just overload
a method exposed to javascript is a "callable property"
and you cannot have the same property twice ;)
generally js doesn't support overloading, so that's the actual reason why that won't work
sany 05:05 oh
reichi 05:05 you can build a simple wrapper
with a catchall
und call the correct (overloaded) function in c++
sany 05:05 i tried compiled with just two functions, one with Catchall another with string argument, but i got error during compilation
reichi 05:05 fix the error...
play(const FB::CatchAll &params)
speed =<float>();
that's code i actually use
float speed = 1;
sany 06:05 emmm
reichi 06:05 that works with
and play(1)
from javascript
or play(0.5)
sany 06:05 oh
that mean ... only one function with " play(const FB::CatchAll &params) " need to be presented in C++?
i do not need play(int) and play(float) present in C++?
reichi 06:05
not only do you "not need" it
you cannot have it
you simply can't overload exposed methods
sany 06:05 ok got it
reichi 06:05 but play(int) and play(float) is unecessary ;)
sany 06:05 no wonder i got compilation error
reichi 06:05 a float can perfectly represent an int :)
as said this even works with play()
sany 06:05 ok thank for the help
reichi 06:05 which equals play(void)
you're welcome
sany 06:05 after force it single play(const FB::CatchAll &params), things worked, thank you again
reichi 06:05 :)
rulle4 08:05 What does GNU and BSD mean? I want to use this in a commervial produkt. Can I do this without paying anything.
There is support for MSIE 6, 7 and 8. How about 9 and 10?
CodeCompiler 14:05 Hey guys.
Anyone able to help me setup a plugin and able to show me some stuff ?
I would donate for the time.
taxilian 14:05 have you followed the video tutorial?
CodeCompiler 14:05 I haven't found the video tutorial.
were would one find that.