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bugs_ 00:05 hi everyone ..
i would like to ask about logging in firebreath plugin cpp file
according to the link , if i do so .. will i able log even from my other cpp file other than factory.cpp ?
if not what shud i do to do so ?
developer 04:05 hi. i want to add a webview inside the plugin. but i read that it doestnt give a NSWindow. Instead give a context. I am new to firebreath. So please someone tell me is it possible..
reichi 04:05 you will have to bring your "own" webview
afaik FB supports several mac technologies
Carbon, Cocoa, CG, CA, ICA and QD from what i can see looking at the source
i have no clue about mac ;)
i guess those abbr. will help you more than they help me
developer 04:05 becoming more confused. i tried to render the webview in context. bt that also doesn't bring my webview.. is it possible to add webview in the plugin context?
diorcety 07:05 Hum
dougma 07:05 mmm
diorcety 07:05 i have strange crash with internet explorer
dougma 07:05 host->getVariant line?
diorcety 07:05 indeed
Access violation reading location 0x00000044
i have dump if you want
dougma 07:05 pdp is bad?
diorcety 07:05 no ...
dougma 07:05 or rgvarg?
diorcety 07:05 i don't know which stuff is bad
can't find
dougma 07:05 can you repro?
on fbtestplugin? :)
diorcety 07:05 not sure … because it append only in one case ...
i have to double check
dougma 07:05 that code doesn't check pdp->cArgs
diorcety 07:05 well well well
dougma 07:05 what have you discovered?
diorcety 07:05 nothing
dougma 07:05 so i regsvr32 fbtestplugin but windows 8 w/ie10 doesn't list it in manage addons
taxilian 07:05 dougma: usually ie doesn't list in manage addons until after its loaded in a given session
just FYI
dougma 07:05 even when I change the combo-box from 'currently loaded' to 'all add-ons'?
i see the clsid registrations
should i have registered as an admin user?
taxilian 08:05 correct
try loading it
gotta run; coding conference today-saturday
I'll be on and off throughout the day
dougma 08:05 right you are! it now appears in the list after i attempted to load it :)
that was with regsvr32 run from a regular (non administrator) cmd prompt
first hurdle cleared...
it's wrongly listing it as 32-bit and 64-bit architecture though (i only built 64bit)
or has windows 8 suddenly gained fat-binary support?!
(no it hasn't)
diorcety 08:05 the bug only happens with UAC enabled
dougma 08:05 woe is you...
diorcety 08:05 :s
diorcety 08:05 my bad
diorcety 08:05 it's really the mess when mixing vc and mingw
taxilian 11:05 diorcety: which bug is that?
mkontio 11:05 Hey guys, I've been struggling for a day now with my OSX FB plugin - getting frustrated, wonder if anyone could help? I'll elaborate here and appreciate any suggestions!
I've used FB for months successfully on my project and just when cleaning up things for the release I can't get even the basic OSX tutorial plugin to work. I've done the steps many many times in the past, even wrote my own notes on how to do it but I just can't get any browser to recognize my plugin.
My old plugin is still ok, but starting from tabula rasa just does not work (FB 1.7). Even the tutorial plugin without a line of my own code does not get recognized by Safari or Chrome.
The plugin is of the same size as my previous plugin, it looks ok on the surface. Same frameworks were included. The only difference I see is that inside the plugin the Info.plist file has changed. There is now a "np" prefix to the plugin name. My working plugin does not have the prefix.
taxilian 11:05 the np prefix shouldn't matter
are you on the master branch or the 1.7 branch?
mkontio 11:05 Any ideas? Setup: FB 1.7, project created accroding to the December MAC tutorial video, OSX 10.8, XCode 4.6.2 (€H1003). What strikes me that I've done that many times in the past successfully…
1,7 branch - sorry didn't notice your comment.
And sorry for not mentioning it, FB totally rocks!
taxilian 11:05 my only thought is that it's possible something has broken with the latest xcode
I haven't tried it yet
you could try doing a git bisect, go back and see what is going on
mkontio 12:05 That's what I thought too, that XCode broke something - but my old project still fully works on the same setup. Its just the fresh project that fails to get recognized. So git bisect won't help here?
And that's why I thought that the "np"-prefix that was introduced in the fresh project (with the only delta being XCode version) was somehow related to the problem. Oh well, I'll continue digging.
taxilian 13:05 mkontio: if it is caused by the filename change you could try checking out the tree before the change
or try the master branch, actually — I think that changes it in some slight ways
mkontio 14:05 taxilian: I finally figured out the problem! :) It was a version control issue: in the Mac tutorial video the FB 1.7 is cloned => project created with => project moved out from FB directory => FB is added as a git submodule to the plugin project - but the tutorial script takes the master HEAD instead of the FB 1.7 version! And then the configuration files are of wrong version and things go slightly wrong (not much but sti
taxilian 14:05 so the head isn't working on mac is what you're telling me?
master, I mean?
mkontio 14:05 Nope, what I'm trying to say is just that the tutorial video script does not work currently because in there you first clone FB 1.7 (and run fbgen with that version to create the project) after which you add FB as a git submodule in the project but there the version is the master instead of FB 1.7. That caused my problems, and I'm sure others will fall into the same trap if they follow the instructions too well. :)
Whether the master works on Mac I am not sure, I can check that soon.
taxilian 14:05 hmm; interesting point. shoot
… actually it still shouldn't matter
but it is kinda a bad thing, I suppose
mkontio 15:05 taxilian: I did quickly check the FB master (latest commit 29th April) on Mac (OSX 10.8.3, XCode 4.6.2, cmake and the plugin works just fine.
taxilian 15:05 huh
could just be that you added the submodule at a point where it wasn't stable
though usually we try to avoid that, master is of course less stable than 1.7
mkontio 15:05 Could be something like that too. After I found out what was the problem I assumed that its just normal that running with version X and with version Y would be a bad thing.
[Outcast] 15:05 anyone around
taxilian 15:05 nope
we're all square
[Outcast] 16:05 hahaha
I am getting this weird error when I run my plugin on windows. It was working on Mac….boost is throwing a bad_weak_ptr when I trigger an event.
taxilian 16:05 on which line?
[Outcast] 16:05 67
it could be just me doing something stupid
Do you guys have a preferred paste bin?
taxilian 16:05 let me ask the question a bit more specifically; is it in your code or ours?
I usually use myself, but I don't really care
[Outcast] 16:05 I am triggering the event from my code
taxilian 16:05 my question was more specifically about where the bad_weak_ptr exception is thrown
[Outcast] 16:05 give me a moment.
you can find the call stack and output there.
taxilian 16:05 did you attach a debugger so that you can actually find which file that is?
[Outcast] 16:05 yes
taxilian 16:05 well, I geuss it's coming from your JSAPI object
that looks like you're trying to fire an event from something triggered from the constructor
are you?
[Outcast] 16:05 yes. I am loading some other dyn libs to be used by the jscript I was trying to alert my html5 app if a module failed to load during construction.
I can see where that might be a problem.
you can not fire the event that is defined in the constructor before it has been constructed.
I might need a seperat
I might need a separate init fucntion
noobish mistake?
Thing it works on the mac. which my check is passing there.
but if it ever did fail I would run into the same issue.
taxilian 16:05 you cannot fire events from the constructor
you could have an init function that you call from the onPluginLoad method in your plugincore object
[Outcast] 16:05 yea, make sense when I think of it.
taxilian 16:05 it won't work anywhere because shared_from_this doesn't work from the constructor
[Outcast] 16:05 right
again makes sense
anyone nebbish question: Do I have to run regsvr32 every time I recompile? It has been years since I developed on windows.
anyone = anyother
taxilian 16:05 no, you don't
[Outcast] 16:05 I can't type today
taxilian 16:05 just if the location/filename changes
[Outcast] 16:05 thanks.
taxilian 16:05 (sorry, I'm at the openwest open source conference, so only kinda paying attention)
diorcety 16:05 taxilian: my bad ... not firebreath issue
[Outcast] 16:05 BTW, tutorial video are awesome.
taxilian 16:05 diorcety: I've already forgotten what you're talking about :-P
diorcety 16:05 taxilian: mixing vc and mingw ... bad idea for stack debugging
taxilian 16:05 lol. yep
[Outcast] 16:05 I would like to know why my initializer is failing on windows and not Mac.
but not a Firebreath problem.
taxilian 16:05 I'm most interested in why it's not failing on mac
because it should
could be that on mac your event handler just hasn't been attached yet? except that seems like it wouldn't have happened yet regardless
I'd have to look into it more than I have time for right now
[Outcast] 16:05 No my initializer is failing on windows which throws my own exception that I catch to fire the event.
taxilian 16:05 ahh
diorcety 16:05 taxilian: at the end the bug is due to low level integrity not handled in on my dependency
[Outcast] 16:05 so not a FireBreath Problem.
taxilian 16:05 ahh
[Outcast] 16:05 ok I was able to duplicate the same behavior on windows.
now to fix the bug :)
taxilian 16:05 hurray! it crashes everywhere!