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shell101 11:04 is it possible to have the project created outside of the firebreath's projects directory?
kylehuff 11:04 shell101: that is the recommended setup.
shell101 12:04 kylehuff: how do you specify the project directory outside of the firebreath's default projects dir when using
shell101 12:04 kylehuff: can you give me some info on how to create a project outside of the firebreath's default projects dir when using
kylehuff 12:04 yeah, just give me a minute though
okay, back.
once you have generated your project, you should be able to move your project folder containing the generated files wherever you want.
shell101 12:04 Do I have to modifiy the build script to point to the new project directory after the move?
kylehuff 12:04 what build script? the prep script?
shell101 12:04 after I run, I have to go the the build/ directory and do a make to build the plugin. If I move the project directory around, do I have to run the again?
kylehuff 12:04 yes
the prep script builds the all of the required CMake files, which have to know the location to the firebreath provided build targets (npapi core, scripting core, etc)
shell101 12:04 ok. Thank you very much for your help
kylehuff 12:04 np
dougma 23:04 anyone had success instantiating a firebreath plugin in IE10's Enhanced Protected Mode?