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raj_ 01:04 Hi
I am trying to use a biometric dll can I use it using firbreath then I will start studying it and start developing a pligin
I am new to plugins
anyone can mail me at [email protected] with an answer
diorcety 03:04 Hi
Hi have a strange crash in my application
in invoke stuff
diorcety 04:04
here valgrind ouput
reichi 04:04 looks a little bit like some threading issue to me
diorcety 04:04 indeed :)
i have to found where :s
Gibson__ 04:04 Hi, I joined here only to ask for some hint about where to find infos on a plugin that I have to develop, can I ask?
diorcety 04:04 grrrrrr
f*** clang
no warning on return; of function with return type
no error
maybe a warning … but in the among of all useless warning
diorcety 04:04 sorry for disturbing you :)
reichi 05:04 oh
usually you can set the behaviour of compilers
and how strict they are
from my experience most distributions have pretty liberal default settings for compilers (on linux)
i can compile stuff on my desktop without even a warning
which produces an error in our embedded development environment ;)
diorcety 06:04 maybe add -Wno-unused-private-field to
Gibson__ 06:04 someone can give me an hint about how to develop e plugin that launch and interact with an external executable? I know how to launch it but not what's the best way to interact with it. I'm talking about something like GTalk plugin.
reichi 06:04 afaik that can be an issue in IE
but I don't know that for sure
taxilian 09:04 now points to our favorite website
and I have yet another valid email address
diorcety1 11:04 taxilian: you finally bought it?
taxilian 13:04 diocety1: I talked him down to $100 and then yes, I bought it
… which was probably silly, but there you have it
kylehuff 13:04 hey, at least you haggled it down. when I talk someone down, I feel like a $100 bucks, so I would kind of feel like I got it for free
taxilian 13:04 heh. well, basically he ask for an offer and I offered $100. He counter-offered $200. I said I wasn't interested, so he offered $175
I said I wasn't interested, so he offered $150
I said I wasn't interested but would still pay $100, and he said "okay, I'll do $125"
I replied with the exact same response as to the previous offer — verbatim — and he agreed to $100
kylehuff 13:04 lol
can't blame him for trying I guess
(also, yes, I realize how super redundant saying "a $100 bucks" is... I blame the medication)
taxilian 13:04 hehe
no worries
you're on convalescence, so that excuses these little lapses
diorcety1 15:04 taxilian: When the JSAPIAuto hold by the core are released? before or after PluginCore shutdown?
taxilian 15:04 hmm; after, but you can tell it to release them yourself if you want
diorcety1 15:04 releaseRootJSAPI(); m_host->freeRetainedObjects(); ?
taxilian 15:04 yep, those are them
diorcety1 15:04 but why do m_host->freeRetainedObjects(); in plugincore shutdown? i see in NpapiPluginModule::NPP_Destroy that host->shutdown(); is called before plugin->shutdown();
taxilian 15:04 hmm. that sounds right; in that case they have probably already been freed
it's been awhile since I looked at that code
diorcety1 15:04 ok :)
last question ... can i call when i want releaseJSAPIPtr ?
taxilian 15:04 let me ask you a question in return: why do you want to?
diorcety1 15:04 I have a thread doing async stuff (avoid blocking functions in main thread). The object destruction is blocking. I have to ensure that the thread is the last place where the object is referenced
taxilian 15:04 is this a JSAPI object you've created yourself? or the root JSAPI object?
diorcety1 15:04 the root
it's an issue?
taxilian 15:04 hmm. you know that it needs to be destructed before the plugin finishes shutting down, right?
well, I guess that doesn't have to necessarily be true...
there are two ways you can get better control of the lifecycle
the first and simplest is to return a FB::JSAPIWeakPtr instead of a FB::JSAPIPtr, but I don't remember if you can do that with the root… thinking probably not
the second is to use a JSAPIProxy object for the root, and then you can change which JSAPI object it uses internally, including clearing the JSAPI object out of it so that it's no longer exposed to the page and can be cleared at any time
diorcety1 15:04 no :)
ok i will create thread in the destructor handling the heavy part
taxilian 16:04 another thing to keep in mind is that after the last plugin instance is destroyed you have no guarantee how long your plugin will stay alive
diorcety1 16:04 yes but for the moment i have no choice ... blocking the user is not a good one
i go to bed
cw 16:04 has anyone generated an installable debian package for firebreath?
taxilian 16:04 not that I'm aware of
reichi 16:04 mmh
is that even "possible"?
because firebreath is more than "just another library"
taxilian 16:04 it might be possible to do something with precompiled binaries for the static libraries