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Pepaco 05:01 cout << lol << endl;
SpectreX 05:01 Hi!
When running the "python" command I get a syntax error: File "", line 48 print "Parent of %s is %s" % (dirName, parentDir) ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Any idea's why? Both python and Cmake are installed
reichi 05:01 yes
you're using python >= 3.0
you have to use 2.x
2.7.x does fine for example
SpectreX 05:01 ah k, thanks for the quick response!
reichi 05:01 you're welcome
taxilian 11:01 good morning all
kylehuff 11:01 good morning taxilian
arminIT 12:01 Hi everyone, I created a process and terminat it succesfully but then i close my tab an will error raise
error message: Assertion failed. Expression:weakHost.expired()