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cfrost 05:04 Hi, I have a plugin resize question. Say you have a <object ... height="200px" width="200px"/> the browser "makes place" for this, but is it possible to resize this from within the plugin? To e.g. 400x400
reichi 05:04 yes but afaik through the browser
i thin you'll have to set
cfrost 05:04 So caliing setvalue from the provided browserfunctions
cfrost 08:04 How can I get display size from within a plugin?
taxilian 08:04 cfrost: from the PluginWindow, or you might be able to get it with m_host->getDOMDocument()->getWidth(), ->getHeight()
I haven't tested that on all browsers, though
on another note, the guy who wanted to sell me for $200 has offered it for $175 now. still not thinking it's worth it, unless someone here wants to donate the cash for it
but I don't think it'd really make that much difference
cfrost 08:04 thanks
kylehuff 12:04 maybe this is a dumb question, but can a method parameter of type FB::VariantList have a default argument value?
taxilian 12:04 hmm. I don't actually know :-P
probably not
but not sure
try it and let me know what you find =]
kylehuff 12:04 well it certainly doesn't work with `const FB::VariantList& signers=NULL`; error: default argument for parameter of type 'const VariantList& {aka const std::vector<FB::variant>&}' has type 'long int'
taxilian 12:04 lol
yeah, that wouldn't work
might work with FB::VariantList signers = FB::VariantList()
kylehuff 13:04 it at least compiles without incident
(using FB::VariantList signers = FB::VariantList(), that is)
kylehuff 13:04 I'm not sure why I was bothering. the arguments aren't optional anyway. for that, I believe I need to use boost::optional
taxilian 14:04 lol