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Guest32876 00:04 can i write something question?
hello ?
yooin 02:04 hi there
hello anybody in here
I have a problem with implemantation for activeX event
activex called event, but i can not catch them
void __stdcall axWrapperAxWin::OnConnect(BSTR val)
Connect is event activeX event name, <script for="Connect"~~~></script>
taxilian 08:04 so someone is offering to sell me for $200
anybody think it's worth it?
kylehuff 08:04 hard to say. I guess it would be in that if someone put something lewd or disgruntled. that would be unfortunate.
taxilian 08:04 true. $200 isn't a horrible price, but on the other hand, isn't really the first thing most users would type in looking for us
kylehuff 08:04 yeah, and that is why I typically don't bother with .net
is it technically feasible for firebreath to ever support building PPAPI plugins?
taxilian 08:04 I am not sure. we've done a little looking into it, and it looks like PPAPI has actually removed support for exposing functions (JSAPI) to the page, for example
it might be feasible, if boost will build on their NACL compiler
but I'm not sure it would make any sense, because PPAPI seems to not have a lot in common with NPAPI as far as basic functionality
I haven't had sufficient time or reason yet to dig into all of it
I might eventually, but haven't yet
kylehuff 09:04 yeah, they removed their scripting bridge quite a few versions ago, but I think you can still implement your own. My biggest issue with PPAPI is their requirement for making async function calls, which would drastically change the working structure of my existing plugin code. My usage is not very conducive to listening for a return. It would require making drastic changes to my extension JS
diorcety 09:04 taxilian: i will test my project tomorrow on windows & linux … but i don't see where the problem can be … for windows and linux … nothing change
taxilian 09:04 many times I have thought such things and broken things by pushing accordingly =]
when it is tested, then I will accept it
diorcety 09:04 :D
no problem
taxilian 09:04 =]
diorcety 09:04 but i have question
taxilian 09:04 okay
diorcety 09:04 it's about FSPath
taxilian 09:04 okay
Thiru 09:04 Is there some example plugin to understand the use of "Plugin has no UI" flag?
diorcety 09:04 FSPath is plugin context definition
but why propagate it to PluginCore and not FactoryBase
taxilian 09:04 Thiru: it only really has significant meaning on X11
diorcety: It's actually avaiable statically through the BrowserPlugin class
as of 1.7
diorcety 09:04 i can call it in globalPluginIntinialize of my factory so?
Thiru 09:04 taxilian: thanks, am working on X11, just wanted to understand it for knowledge purpose.
an example project will help me great
taxilian 09:04 Thiru: basically if it's working correctly (and I *think* it is still) then it will prevent you from needing to link to libgtk+
diorcety: yes, I believe that you should be able to access it there
diorcety 09:04 thanks :)
it's better :)
taxilian 09:04 yeah, I dont' remember why we originally put it in the plugin class; probably thinking that was the only place you'd need it. It's a global thing, though, so some months ago I moved it to BrowserPlugin in a static property
diorcety 09:04 i notice that the doc on firebreath is not correct
some stuff don't appear
diorcety 10:04 it's empty
the getFSPath at globalPluginIntialize is empty
taxilian 10:04 hmm. it must not be populated yet at that point
you'd have to look through the code to see where / when it's populated
diorcety 10:04 yes :s
the path is set at createNpapiPlugin for example
taxilian 10:04 I would probably be open to a reasonable suggestion for moving the initialization of that to an earlier point
diorcety 10:04 NpapiPluginPtr plugin(getFactoryInstance()->createNpapiPlugin(host, pluginType));
all is here
getFactoryInstance() call globalPluginInitialize … and createNpapiPlugin set the FSPath
diorcety 10:04 the logging stuff not working anymore :(
forget :)
diorcety 12:04 re
What is the difference between productname and pluginname?
taxilian 13:04 heh. to be honest, I'm not really sure