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arminIT 01:01 Hi everyone, i want to create a process to run windows notepad. i think i should use Asynchronous call or using threads.
i read this
but i din't get that how can i use it
how could i pass FB::JSObjectPtr &callback
arminIT 02:01 when i call doSomethingTimeConsuming in construction of my sampleAPI, my plugin crashed.
kk_ 03:01 I want to add a dll which has some functions writen in c. How can i add it into firebreath plugin project
i cannot find dllmain.cpp file in my firebreath-FireBreath-df8659e\projects\OurCoolNewPlugin folder. What should i do
sorry i cannot find dllmain.cpp file in my firebreath-FireBreath-df8659e\projects\OurCoolNewPlugin\Win.
arminIT 04:01 does firebreath has any forum? isn't exist.