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Aktau 04:04 taxilian or others: any idea what's the difference between NPN_Enumerate (of the netscape funcs) and NPEnumeration (of the npruntime NPClass)?
taxilian 08:04 Aktau; NPN_Enumerate calls the NPEnumeration function on a NPObject
Aktau 08:04 I read up a little bit more and found out how it works, thanks though taxilian! Plugin development is going swimmingly, now to find a clean abstraction for scripting that's not too high level
magicken 08:04 Hello! Is it possible create a custom event?
I created a thread and when complete I need to send an event to the main thread
Hello! Is it possible create a custom event? I created a thread and when complete I need to send an event to the main thread
taxilian 09:04 magicken: yes. details on the website
gotta run
Guest60171 09:04 hi
magicken 09:04 I searched but I looking for a mini tutorial...
I know that I can use window->SendEvent, but
I see only some type of events that You created (RefreshEvent.. etc.)
magicken 09:04 if I create an event as "FB::PluginEvent *evt = new FB::PluginEvent();" how I can set a property?
taxilian 10:04 magicken: you're on the wrong track
there is a custom event defined in the fbgen template
smisra 11:04 hi i am new to firebreath, i jsut wanted to know if its possible to build it without wdk
on windows
i am planning to use it for my 2d game engine, but i do not want to develop a lot of dependencies
taxilian 11:04 we don't use wdk
we only use atl
smisra 11:04 okay
is it possible to remove the dependency too?
taxilian 11:04 possible? probably
if you're an ActiveX expert
and have about a week to spare
smisra 11:04 well week ican crunch but not an activex expert
actually i never used it
taxilian 11:04 heh
then you'll need a spare couple of monhts
so I think the effective answer to your question is "no"
smisra 11:04 okay
taxilian 11:04 vs professional comes with atl
you only have ot get it from the wdk if you're using express
smisra 11:04 humm
i am mostly a linux user but i like to stay cross platform
well then at least one of my worries are gone
users need not install wdk runtime to run my plugins
taxilian 11:04 that is true
smisra 11:04 then that is good
any idea if SDK includes ATL?
taxilian 11:04 AFAIK wdk is the only ms released thing that includes atl
but you can try other things
smisra 11:04 ok
Dale 17:04 hi
how can i install firebreath on debian?
sorry, firebreath vlc plugin on debian
taxilian 20:04 Dale: the vlc plugin isn't done by the firebreath team
so I don't know