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max242 01:04 I would like to output the content of the WebGL canvas to broadcast video. I use a professional Bluefish444 card for that.
The Bluefish444 card comes with its own API
What I need to do is to read the content of the WebGL canvas and write that into the Bluefish444 buffers for output
I used FireBreath to load the Bluefish444 Windows DLL's
Next step is to 'read' the content of the WebGL canvas
I can do this in WebGL using glReadPixels and then pass the buffer to FireBreath/Bluefish444
or I can read the canvas in FireBreath using glReadPixels from regular OpenGL
Question 1: do you have a recommendation on OpenGL in FireBreath (in collaboration with WebGL)
Question 2: how to pass a pointer from the WebGL canvas through FireBreath to OpenGL to use?
Question 3: how to pass a chunck of memory (with the content of the canvas, after glReadPixels) to through FireBreath to C++?
(understanding that this is a mixed FireBreath/OpenGL/WebGL question)
reichi 02:04 afaik you can only access webgl via javascript
chrome for example implements WebGL on top of Direct3D on Windows
so there is NO real OpenGL used at all
webgl is in the dom
and you can access the dom via your npapi plugin
so technically it would work that way
would simply not using WebGL but only OpenGL be an option?
reichi 02:04 it seems he didn't like my suggestion
mrahr 06:04 Hi I have included mosquitto.lib into my build, i does compile and link ok, but I cant user regsvr32, It reports and error on dependency dll or binary
What could be the problem ?
mrahr 07:04 It only fails if I call mosquitto_lib_init();
Swanty 08:04 Is it possible to use npswf32.dll in my own program? I can't find any information about how to do it and the .ocx has much worse performance than in the browser (opera, firefox, chrome).
I'm sorry, I know it's not related to firebreath, but i just don't know where to find help =/
sabotaged 11:04 anyone ever seen issues with CAOpenGLLayer in sub-sub layer of the plugin's layer? it works in safari, but not chrome or firefox. drawInCGLContext is not being called
taxilian 11:04 sabotaged: it seems like I remember someone having an issue like that
have you searched