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magicken 01:04 hello taxilian!
Do you know why if I write Sleep(31) is it rounded to 40? every number is rounded to superior ten?
i tried too with boost::this_thread::sleep
with milliseconds and microseconds
reichi 02:04 boost::this_thread::sleep(boost::posix_time::milliseconds(10)); 
magicken 03:04 i tried boost::this_thred::sleep but i have same results. I read that is due to timer resolution (based on tick count of the clock)...
tszabo 03:04 Hello guys. I recently started to work with firebreath, which is a great tool, however, many times Visual Studio gets incredibly slow, when I working on a Firebreath project (IntelliSense is a real pain). Did you ever had such issues?
magicken 03:04 yes! me too!
johannes 04:04 I didn't ... but I don't use much Windows :-)
hneiraf 05:04 Hi everyone!
I'm getting this issue:
Warning 1 warning C4250: 'FB::ActiveX::AXDOM::Window' : inherits 'FB::ActiveX::AXDOM::Node::FB::ActiveX::AXDOM::Node::appendChild' via dominance c:\users\hugo neira\streamcast\firebreath-1.7\src\activexcore\AXDOM\Window.h 48
VS2010 FB 1.7
some help?
RenJuan 06:04 is Firebreath unicode compatible? Just put some in PluginConfig.cmake so will find out there
apparently not
taxilian 07:04 RenJuan: it is, but it needs to be UTF8
use std::wstring for wide characterset if you need
the main problem most people end up with w/ unicode is failing to use the correct encoding; std::string in firebreath should be utf8, std::wstring should be the default encoding for the OS your'e on
haven't used it extensively myself, but I have verified that it works with Russian and I have talked to people who have used Chinese with it
RenJuan 08:04 goit, I just copied and pasted some characters into the cmake file, I'da been surprised if that worked.
*got it
can you use c++ functions in cmake files though?
tszabo 09:04 taxilian: have you ever had hard times (no intellisense, extremly slow exit, etc) with Visual Studio, while editing a Firebreath project?
taxilian 09:04 yeah; intellisense doesn't seem to handle boost well for some reason
RenJuan: I don't think so
tszabo: some recommend disabling intellisense
someone said they figured out how to fix it, but I haven't had a chance to play with their suggestion
trying to remember where it was
tszabo 09:04 taxilian: thanks, I will try it
RenJuan 09:04 yeah it's a known problem, renaming the exe is a fix
taxilian 09:04 someone claimed they could actually make it all work by changing the project somehow
I forget the details
probably in the irc logs; need to look
but right now I'm a bit distracted; 3 cement trucks have been completely emptied in my front yard and they're working on the fourth
tszabo 09:04 wow, good luck :)
and thanks anyway :)
taxilian 09:04
tszabo 09:04 nice :)
RenJuan 09:04 you're paving your lawn?
taxilian 09:04 not the lawn
it's all gravel
or was
RenJuan 09:04 ah, I guess concrete is easier to upkeep than grass
taxilian 09:04 more to the point, that's my only parking area
I have lots of grass
and that's only half of the area that was dirt; the other half will be grass and trees
I have a flag lot with no street parking
RenJuan 10:04 I see
nothing says, but I assume they're called that because of the shape, the lot is the pennant and the accessway is the pole
taxilian 10:04 yeah, I think so
RenJuan 11:04 what's the separator in the FileExtents string?
taxilian 11:04 I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it's |
let me see if I can find docs on that
I may not be handling that correctly for IE, btw
xbap|xaml is how MS's plugin defines support for those two extension
so no "." and a bar to seperate them
the pouring is done:
RenJuan 11:04 I have it working so, mainly as a result of the legacy code set so if you need access to my private git repo with the source lemme know
have it under Fisheye too
taxilian 11:04
cool; I may very well do that. it'd be good to nail that down. just don't know when :-/
RenJuan 11:04 got it