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papa 01:04 i have question can any one answer
f0urtyfive 15:04 hola.
taxilian 15:04 привет
f0urtyfive 15:04 Anyone in herek now if I could use NPAPI/firebreath to define my own content type, which would really just be mp3 files, and get them to play to specific audio ouputs?
IE, I want to find a way to play certain mp3 files to certain audio outputs via a browser, and was thinking NPAPI enable be to write something to do that
taxilian 15:04 theoretically should be possible, yes
though not well defined on the IE side
f0urtyfive 16:04 I'm just looking for chrome, so thats no problem
with that said, if any of you guys with experience are looking for contract work feel free to msg me :P Would rather work with someone from the community anyway