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bbb__ 01:01 hello everybody! i have a problem with firebreath..
i my plugin use another dll
and that dll use managed dll
when i get string from the managed and convert it to std::string everything is fine...
but when i fire the result into the javascript i got an execption..
does anybody can help me? thanks
arminIT 01:01 does firebreath has good IDE to recognize it's classes?
reichi 01:01 i don't understand
you can use whatever IDE you want with firebreath
arminIT 01:01 I want to use it with Visual Studio but it's classes is not recognized with that ide
reichi 01:01 kdevelop does ;)
sorry i haven't been using VS in years
arminIT 01:01 thank you, so i will test KDevelop
reichi 01:01 oh
no ;)
i guess you don't want that
kdevelop is linux software
and firebreath has been built to work properly with Visual Studio
but I'm of no help there, as said, other's here are mostly sleeping now
arminIT 01:01 ok, thank you
i'm new to firebreath
is there any book to start it?
i read the Getting Started part
reichi 02:01 there's more on the wiki
plus some example plugins in the source tree
that should be enough for most things
arminIT 02:01 thank you, i will read them too
arminIT 02:01 i try to use this method:
but my output is Could not create process
should i add something ?
junior_ 06:01 hi
diorcety 06:01 hi
taxilian 09:01 good morning
reichi 09:01 hi taxilian
taxilian 10:01 whats new and exciting/
reichi 10:01 mega messed up
(not suprising to me)
taxilian 10:01 mega?
reichi 10:01 Kim Dotcoms new could service
this "all encrypted" thing
taxilian 10:01 ahh
reichi 10:01 it's not like i would ever give sensitive private data to ANY cloud hoster out there
except myself
taxilian 10:01 hehe
reichi 10:01 so it doesn't matter for me
it's just for sharing stuff i wanted to share with the public