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pluginer 00:03 could firebreath plugin create X11 window?
I mean, is there any difference between plugin program and a normal cli program?
I wish port a X11 client program to a firefox's plugin program, I don't know if it works as a browser plugin.
Green 04:03 is it possible to get the browser proxy authentication (username:password) info with firebreath?
marvanysajt 05:03 Hllo guys, did you ever faced problems with visual studio (like, intellisense is not working; on exit (if an FB project was opened), showing only the 'hourglass' for eternity; goto definition and declaration are not really racecars as well)?
I have already tried 3 several machines with different configuration and VS version, and it was the same, every single time...
thanks for help in advance
rashmi 06:03 hi
I have a query regarding 64bit plugin
the sample plugin FBTestPlugin works fine on IE64 bit browser
however with the same environment my plugin does not work
the project builds fine
but when I proceed with msi installation it fails to load plugin on IE64 bit
after debugging this issue I found out that the necessary registry entries are not made by WiX
has anyone encountered this problem?
taxilian 08:03 rashmi: does fbtestplugin work when installed from an msi?
rashmi 08:03 yes it does\
it does work form MSI
taxilian 08:03 huh. so most likley, then, the issue is that you're missing a .dll that you depend on
out of curiosity, why are you bothering to support 64 bit?
rashmi 08:03 but
when i regsiter the dll separately using regsvr32 it works fine
taxilian 08:03 try running regsvr32 on the 64 bit dl
I really don't know, then
rashmi 08:03 there is a tool calld ORCA using which I saw that necessary registry entries are missing compared to 32bit one.
I hav to support IE64 bit
thats why trying to build 64bit plugin
taxilian 08:03 well, the reason that iti s missing the registry entries is because heat.exe (part of wix) was unable to harvest them
I do not know why that would be
rashmi 08:03 hmm. But this is a problem..Do you suggest I should run heat.exe separately and try it out. I tried doing it from project file but it didnt work
taxilian 08:03 probably worth a try
rashmi 08:03 ok. Thanks.
Guest7935 09:03 Hi
In a firebreath project I'm working on, if I try to create a new header and cpp file, I get an error: "Cannot open include file. No such file or directory"
Is there something I have to do outside of the project itself to add the new files to the build?
taxilian 10:03 rerun the prep script
and make sure you added the file in the correct place
Guest7935 13:03 Hi sorry I didn't see this til now
you said to make sure I added the file in the correct place
Is it incorrect to simply add a new file inside visual studio?
taxilian 13:03 if you just add the file it probably adds it to the build directory
insetad of to your source dir