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Greg_C 07:03 Hi, can anyone give me a pointer... I need to package a Firebreath plugin into a .pkg file and then combine it together with another .pkg file from a vendor to deliver a single install. Does anyone have any idea where I should get started?
reichi 07:03 sure
int *pointer = 0;
Greg_C 07:03 :)
jshanab 07:03 groan
aka "Thanks for nothing"
Greg_C 08:03 I found the pkgbuild command, but it complains that the plugin output is "not a valid bundle component" when trying to put the .plugin file in a .pkg
Greg_C 08:03 good news - looks like pkgbuild didn't like the spaces in my plugin name, it is working now!
(after removing the spaces)
thanks for listening everyone :)
jshanab 08:03 Thanks for telling us what you found. I know I will need that in the future
Greg_C 09:03 Is xcodebuild -configuration Release the right way to get a release build on Mac? The resulting file size is similar to the Debug version
taxilian 09:03 I usually just do cmake --build --config Release
oh, and path to build dir
should do basically the same thing, though
Greg_C 09:03 It's still building a large file... let me re-run the prep script
taxilian 09:03 you're probably building both 32 and 64 bit, which will give you a binary twice the size it would be on windows
Greg_C 09:03 aha :) thank you
SinnerSmile 14:03 Hey guys, im stuck, what im doing wrong with FB::PluginWindowWin::getBrowserHWND(), can you please watch my question here
taxilian 14:03 SinnerSmile the answer listed is correct
in all aspects
SinnerSmile 14:03 Don't u have some kinda example of using this function, it's pretty hard fro me to understand what exactly i must do...
taxilian 14:03 step 1: get a PluginWindow*
you can do that by calling getWindow() in your plugin class any time after a AttachedEvent is fired
actually if I were you I'd get it in the attachedevent and save it
then release it / stop using it in DetachedEvent may be useful to you
the thing is that the problems you are having reveal such a fundamental lack of understanding of how c++, c++ classes, and pointers to c++ classes w/ inheritence work that it's hard to even know where to begin helping you find the answer
you really need to study up on those things
unfortunately I don't have time to teach you; I can answer specific questions, but I can't tutor you through it line by line
SinnerSmile 15:03 Yes, ofcourse, thx for your help, atleast i know where i need to start.