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SinnerSmile 09:03 Hello Everybody
kylehuff 09:03 greetings
SinnerSmile 09:03 Guys, i'm wrighting a tiny plugin for web site's page... and something is pretty unclear for me. First of all, in what part of plugin files tree i must declare my function (C++), for example "VOID BestFunction();" and where I need to put the function itself "VOID BestFunction() {Do something}"
Second... i must be able to call this function thru JavaScript
reichi 09:03 you really want to read the guides
and have a look at the examples
SinnerSmile 09:03 Truly was rapidly reading this few weaks ago.. perhaps i was too sleepy, thx, will make some searching.
SinnerSmile 13:03 Hey guys why i cant use this dam git commands in cmd, like on video tutorial? Git installed...
and what does it mean??? "and that you have CMake 2.8 or greater installed on your machine with python in the path." I need to install python on some specific path in CMake folder... or CMake in python... doh
kylehuff 13:03 SinnerSmile: you just need to have Python installed, and your system needs to be able to locate the python binary, by it being listed in the PATH environment variable
that is what it means
SinnerSmile 13:03 Ok, thats done, thx, and alrdy figured out that git commands working only from Git Bash.
SinnerSmile 14:03 ah now it dont want to build plugin i'v got visual C++ 2010 express and trying to use prep2010.cmd it returns me 4 lines and all of them says command not found
CMake installed.
taxilian 14:03 without seeing the specific lines, all I can do is guess
could well be that vs2010 isn't installed correctly or completely, or at least not how cmake expects it
SinnerSmile 14:03 just a moment
taxilian 14:03 then again, sounds like maybe it's cmake that isn't found
did you tell cmake to add its binary dir to the system path when you installed?
SinnerSmile 14:03 prep2010.cmd: line 1: @echo: command not found
taxilian 14:03 oh
are you running that from git bash?
it won't work from git bash
SinnerSmile 14:03 prep2010.cmd: line 1: setlocal: command not found
dam -_-
taxilian 14:03 for some reason git bash isn't smart enough to understand that it's a batch file
SinnerSmile 14:03 ok
taxilian 14:03 also, if you install git correctly the git command will work from normal cmd prompt
but when you installed it you must have told it not to put git in the path
SinnerSmile 14:03 yes, u r right
well, reinstalling is not so hard
thank u a much
taxilian 14:03 good luck
SinnerSmile 16:03 hey guys where can i find builded project?
i mean dll's for plugin
The DLL for the example project will be built in: buildex/bin/Debug/ (replace Debug with the configuration type you use to build)
cant find it
jshanab 16:03 I t depends slighltg on your prep command arguments but look one level up from the sorce directory. you should find a build directory
And, of course CMAke tells you at the end project files written to ..."" :-)
SinnerSmile 16:03 lol
ahaha thx, i just want 2 slee way 2 much))
was 2 hours ago XD
jshanab 16:03 I find that unless I wake up at 2am, it is a waste of time to code tired.
Hardest lesson ever learned (well almost) is to know when to walk away
SinnerSmile 16:03 ja you are right, but i must finish this first tiny test today, just for self calmness
One more question, i need it to install manualy, what files i must take and where i must put it
jshanab 16:03 On windows
It depends on your project. bu generally just need to call regserv on the dll. It can be anywhere, but it goes in C:\ProgramData\{MYPLUGIN}
Id have to go look on the wiki
Oh. And I thought he was tired, i am talking to the wind
SinnerSmile 16:03 dam i glitched, anyone answered me?