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shiwani 03:01 want to create addon fire breath such that any browser can communicate with the desktop application.....plzzzz helppp!!!
Hibernatus34 03:01 hello
A break is missing in a switch statement :
And WM_SETCURSOR should be handled in PluginWindowlessWin too :
omg i'm so silly. i wasn't looking at he last revision :)
Still, PluginWindowlessWin does lack WM_SETCURSOR handling.
taxilian 10:01 there we go… log viewer formatting is fairly readable now. still have some tweaks to do and such to take it beyond merely readable, but this will do for now. for anyone curious what I'm talking about =]
reichi 10:01 :)
jshanab_OSX 13:01 Very nice log viewer. That will come in handy (maybe a search and prev and next button are in it's future)
taxilian 14:01 they are planned
arminIT 14:01 Hi every one, I want create a child process and run my exe program inside of my plugin. how can i do this?
taxilian 14:01 you can either use the version of boost::process that is packaged with FireBreath's boost
if you use internal boost
or you can use a system api
or you can use whatever other library you feel like doing
main thing to keep in mind is that on windows in IE you may likely be in a low integrity process and the program you execute will be as well unless you specially register it on install
arminIT: it's really no different otherwise from launching a process from any other c++ app
arminIT 14:01 thank you very much
somone told me i could create child process with this:
void Process::Start() { STARTUPINFO startupInfo; ZeroMemory(&startupInfo, sizeof(startupInfo)); startupInfo.cb = sizeof(startupInfo); SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES securityAttributes; ZeroMemory(&securityAttributes, sizeof(securityAttributes)); securityAttributes.nLength = sizeof(SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES); securityAttributes.bInheritHandle = TRUE; std::wstring commandString = GetCmdLine(); // Although the d
taxilian 14:01 don't paste code here
use a pastebin,, etc
but as much as you pasted, looks reasonable
looks like the beginnings of a CreateProcessEx call
arminIT 14:01 ok sorry i'm sorry , i'm new here
taxilian 14:01 standard thing for IRC or chat
that's why I told you =]
arminIT 14:01 how could i link some stuff from fpaste to here?
taxilian 14:01 after you put it in fpaste you just copy the url
and paste that here
arminIT 15:01
taxilian 15:01 that looks like something that owuld work, yes
obviously it's missing pieces, but it's an option
I'm not sure what is going on with the ResumeThread call at the end, and there are a few calls there that are obviously implementation specific of course
thing to remember is all you are doing is launching a process; it isn't different because you're in a plugin
arminIT 15:01 Is there any sample code that did it? or which should i read to do it by myself?
taxilian 15:01 probably, but none that I have handy
look for "launch a process with c++ windows api"
or something like that
arminIT 15:01 Thank you i will try that