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christy 03:03 hi
i need a help
can anyone help me?
reichi 04:03 hi christy, while i most probably cannot help you
you can just go and ask your question
if no on answers you can come back later
and maybe you'll get an answer which e.g. taxillian "left" for you
the major developers of Firebreath are all americans, so they're still sleeping :)
christy 04:03 hi reichi.. :-
ok i'm from India.. i have some doubts regarding the compililng of BasicMediaPlayer example. i dont find any '.so' file in build folder.
but the FBTestPlugin works..
i am a beginer. why the second example is different?
reichi 04:03 dunno
i'm not using cmake
(due to some specialities of the environment i have developed the plugin for)
taxilian 08:03 good morning
reichi, christy: BasicMediaPlayer doesn't work on linux
kylehuff 08:03 morning Richard. how's it going?
taxilian 08:03 good morning
it's going alright
kylehuff 08:03 is there value in making BasicMediaPlayer work under linux?
(and is it even technically feasible)
taxilian 08:03 hmm. maybe if you made it an rss reader or something
see, basicmediaplayer is one thing on windows, something totally different on mac
so we'd have to think of a third thing for it to be on x11
kylehuff 08:03 well, I'm very limited on time and technical know-how, but I'm also quite audacious and regularly get myself in-over-my-head
taxilian 08:03 lol
I have noticed that about you… ;-)
but I think it's generally a good thing
kylehuff 08:03 oh yeah, my project WebPG (ala FireGPG, only better because it uses a Firebreath plugin) is nearing v1.0 -- it already has a few thousands regular users between chrome and firefox and I was wondering if you wanted to list that among the others on the wiki.
it uses a Firebreath plugin in chrome, firefox, thunderbird and seamonkey now, and I'm working on conkeror. (all of those on Windows, Linux and OSX)
taxilian 09:03 nice
reichi 09:03 which reminds me
i wanted to write a short paragraph about our use of firebreath
taxilian 09:03 go for it =]
you have my permission :-P
reichi 09:03 do you know those things
where you alway add
"but not now" to the end of any sentence about them?
taxilian 09:03 lol
reichi 10:03 taxilian: done
i hope it's ok in terms of english
i'm still german :/
taxilian 10:03 which page?
I'll proofread it for youi
reichi 10:03
taxilian 10:03 looks fine to me
reichi 10:03 good, thx
I'm becoming a little rusty since i don't actually speak english that much anymore but only read and "hear" it