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priyanka 00:03 hi
I have my ActiveX COM Control developed in VC6. I have created the firebreath plugin over it to call the COM Control API from different browsers.
I have one API in ActiveX control which pops up the CDialog UI... in Google Chrome dlg.DoModal() function is failing.
Issue is only with Chrome its simply crashes at this call, in other browsers its working perfectly.
pls help
rashmi_ 02:03 hi
i am currently working on 64bit plugin.. bt i am running into a problem
I used prep2008_x64 script to create base firebreath solution
the output dll works fine after using regsvr32.exe
however, WiX does not seem to make required registry entries. Do I need to make specific changes to the wxs file?
jshanab 05:03 rashmi_ I have never tried but it occurs to me that the directory changes for 64bit (on windows) so maybe the registry entries are hard coded when they need to be a variable in your wiX
taxilian 09:03 rashmi_: I think WiX heat.exe may not support 64 bit activex
taxilian 13:03 okay, seriously… I have 10 endorsements on linkedin for mysql, which I've hardly used in 5 years, and 2 for NPAPI... anyone who has me on linkedin, please endorse me for npapi :-P
dcherman 13:03 taxilian just sent you an invite so i can endorse you
taxilian 13:03 cool
thx =]
nirvdrum 15:03 taxilian: It won't let me even enter NPAPI as a skill to endorse you for.
taxilian 15:03 it's already listed as one of my skills...
wonder what you have to do to make something a "standardized skill" etc
I thought it was a standardized skill
wonder if htey changed it
jshanab_ 15:03 Probably changed it to pepper (Does google own them?)
taxilian 15:03 lol
embedded 16:03 I am able to run the plugin and play around with FBcontrol.html but when i copied the plugin in embedded linux system for my project it does not work
So, what are the possible reasons ?
I just copied the plugin file( to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
it works same within my laptop with ubuntu but not in embedde ubuntu system board
taxilian 17:03 probably the binary isn't compatible
embedded 17:03 I am using the test project and just trying to acess the c++ functions from web browser using javascript
same as from example
taxilian 17:03 probably the binary isn't compatible
you could try building it on the embedded board
or set up a cross-compile toolchain
embedded 17:03 but embedde system has low memory size
taxilian 17:03 that's kinda beyond the scope of firebreath; firebreath is just the framework, making it build and run on a non-standard platform is your job
embedded 17:03 okey thank you