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AGilai 03:03 Safari on MAC - Mouse scroll is not working. is there any solution for that?
Aragorn33 10:03 Hello! I am running through the tutorial for FireBreath... made a plugin following the tutorial, but selected my own MIME type. Used regsvr32 to install it, says it is successful. BUT... Firefox nor Chrome show the plugin being installed anywhere. Trying the test htm file indicates that a plugin is not installed. I am running Windows 8 x64, compiled the module and associated projects using VS2012.
reichi 10:03 you'er running chrome in dekstop mode?
taxilian 10:03 did you by chance prep using the _64 prep scripts contrary to instructions?
Aragorn33 10:03 Yes to desktop mode. _64 prep scripts? I did, since I was running x64
reichi 10:03 but you're running a 32 bit browser ;)
Aragorn33 10:03 Hmmm. Maybe not. I ended up running the prep scripts twice, an I may have gone the other route for troubleshooting.
<slams head on the desk>
taxilian 10:03 to switch you'll have to delete the build dir
and rerun the prep script
but unless you *know* you need to, never use the _64 prep script
Aragorn33 10:03 Ok
Sounds good
reichi 10:03 considering the insane memory consumption of current browsers
i wouldn't want having to use a 64bit version ...
Aragorn33 10:03 Another quick question. What I am intending to do is to receive a file of my own extension, decrypt it, and then either save the file or call a local process. Can I do that with a plugin, or would you suggest another route?
That's true...
taxilian 10:03 not sure I understand what you want to do
you want to be a viewer for that file?
Aragorn33 10:03 Oh oh... crickets... that can't be good... :)
Ok.. here's what I am doing essentially.
taxilian 10:03 make sure you're familiar with the difference between an extension and plugin:
Aragorn33 10:03 I have a web interface that passes out RDP files. But there is a problem with passing the password... long story short I can't send it on the server side as it would be clear text. I intend to pass it through, encrypted, and then decrypt it on the endpoint somehow. I figured something browser-related would be the way to go for that... cross platform, etc.
taxilian 10:03 hmm. well, keep in mind that you can't really prevent other pages from using your plugin
Aragorn33 10:03 Thanks for the link! Since I am not doing anything special graphically, not really adding functionality to the browser, and am using my own file extension (registering my own MIME type), a plugin should be the way to go, right?
That would be fine.
taxilian 10:03 but it sounds like it's something you can do with a plugin
I'd download the file with ajax and pass the data into the plugin to be decrypted
afk for a bit