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jakzale 09:03 Hello, I believe I found a solution to problems regarding code indexing with fire breath, and I need someone using VS2010+ to verify it
taxilian 09:03 now I'm curious; I don't have a dev env handy right now, but what is the solution?
jakzale 09:03 well, apparently the indexer hangs whenever it tries to parse the pair FireBreath_i.{c | h}
I assume that it is caused by the fact that c/c++ preprocessor does dumb macro expansion, while the indexer tries to guess some useful info from them and gets into infinite loop like state
in visual studio 2010+ the indexer defines __INTELLISENSE__ macro whenever it parses the file
wrapping the above files in #ifndef __INTELLISENSE__ #endif seems to do the trick
taxilian: may you verify that in your free time, and if that works ask someone to post a patch, I am really busy at the moment… Still haven't figured out how to do that in Xcode
taxilian 09:03 hmm. the problem with that is that those files are generated
jakzale 09:03 taxilian: yes but the solution requires only to wrap those files, therefore it is possible to add a hook after they are generated to add a line at the beginning and at the end whenever generating it for windows
taxilian 09:03 hmm. they aren't generated by cmake, though
I'll have to look at it
I'll definitely play with that, though