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sanjeet 01:03 Hi..
I am new to plugin development
Just downloaded latest stable .zip
how to proceed??
can anybody help me out..
johannes 05:03 sanjeet: read the introduction material on the website?
rcompton78 11:03 I am using the built in wix installer and am wondering how (and where in the wxs file) does the plugin get registered with windows. Where does the npapi required values get added to the registry? I am having problems with some clients installing. There are no errors in the installer log file. The files are copied perfectly in the right locations, the registry looks good but chrome/firefox does not recognize the plugin. Th
taxilian 12:03 rcompton78 the wxs file with the registration is in np(your plugin name).wxs
it's automatically generated
tinkster 12:03 taxilian, yes, latest stable 1.7.0-2-g9f2972b
kylehuff 14:03 I was looking at the file and noticed it uses a hard-coded path to (windows) chrome binary, I think this can be improved with a generic CRX builder+signer.
and it just so happens, I wrote one about a year ago.
it probably doesn't make sense to assume the build environment has google chrome installed; nor should one assume that google chrome is the binary that should be used (they could be using Chromium)
taxilian 14:03 feel free to fix it =]
kylehuff 14:03 well, for that, I have some questions about the best way to do it. I've got a C project on github that is windows and linux compatible to build singed CRX files. what is the best way to integrate it?
taxilian 15:03 no idea =]
kylehuff 15:03 okay, I'll put on my adventure panties and figure it out. if someone doesn't like it, they can fix my fix =c p