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CoreMaker 02:01 hi guys
i'd like to ask a question
which is
I'm using FB to write a portable plugin
I'm testing on this
i wrote an external dynamic library(DLL) which contains a function -> std::string test(std::string str)
and then I link the DLL to FB
and invoke the function NAMESPACE::test(str)
everytime I invoke the function, it just crashes there
if I change the parameter to be an INT
the function works perfectly
does anyone have any ideas of why passing std::string as a parameter will crash the FB plugin?
PS: The crash did pop out a assertion window.
amt 04:01 Tried makeing a basic plugin, and it worked.
but somehow, I am not able to get any api, where i could just fast copy raw, yuv/rgb data so it gets displayed in browser. I am using Mint14 linux.
deeps_ 07:01 hi ,,,
I am facing gen\firebreathWin.rc(107) : error RC2135 : file not found : C:/firebreath/build/projects/plugin/gen/FireBreathWin.tlb
magicken 09:01 hello taxillian :-)
I open a new post on google groups!topic/firebreath-dev/9oTLj16TjFY
pls check it when you can
I love this project and I'm working hard with it!
reichi 09:01 afaik you can't solve that issue
magicken 09:01 me? why not?
reichi 09:01 but you can give all version of your ddl a different filename
which will help
and is what taxillian alway suggests
it's nota good idea to overwrite an existing npapi plugin dll at runtime
taxilian 09:01 magicken: reichi is correct
reichi 09:01 it's likely to cause instabilities
taxilian 09:01 incidentally, you don't need to notify me here of posts to the group; I get the email
reichi 09:01 the problem with IE is, iirc, that it won't unload ANY plugin
until you close it
magicken 09:01 my problem it's not to compile without close the browser, but this is symptom of future crashes (my plugin will be used for a 24h web page)
taxilian 09:01 magicken: you can't force a browser to unload your plugin
it'll do it whenever it's good and ready
might be soon, might be not until you close it
and that goes for all of them
reichi 09:01 and all of them explode if you replace the lib at runtime
at least at some point
taxilian 09:01 yeah; you can technically rename the existing one and put a new one in its place, but it's not a good idea
causes random crashes and such
magicken 09:01 this can cause instability for various refresh of the page?
reichi 09:01 if you do the versioning thing with the filename
you should be fine
because than the browser handles the unloading and loading
whenever it is fully ready to do so
magicken 09:01 sorry not at compile time but at run time
taxilian 09:01 basically the safest way to update a plugin is to restart the browser
reichi 09:01 you're never talking about ocmpile time
when you talk about dll loading
taxilian 09:01 you can try versioning in the filename and installing a new version, and it might work. could even say will probably usually work
magicken 09:01 excuse me, my scenario for production use is: open the web page with the plugin, refresh many times the same page. This can cause some instability?
reichi 09:01 you're talking about replacing the dll
that's client side
taxilian 09:01 no, that should be fine
but there is no guarantee that it will unload the dll between refreshes
in fact, it most likely will not
reichi 09:01 you may have to prepare your backend for different plugin versions
magicken 09:01 ok, thanks, for me it is fondamental that the plugin not crash on refresh or any open/close various tabs/windows.
reichi 09:01 that's why you may not replace the dll
but place a new one instead
magicken 09:01 Another think: I seen a different behaviour between IE and FF / Chrome: if I use document.removeChild(plugin) on FF /Chrome is called detachwindow and shutdown, in IE only detachwindow
reichi 09:01 yeah
npapi is very freaky
cos everyone does things somehow slightly differently
magicken 09:01 ok thanks!
taxilian 09:01 reichi: that would actually be a bug in firebreath, if shutdown isn't ever called
reichi 09:01 well if it is NEVER called
taxilian 09:01 magicken: try FBTestPlugin and see if you can confirm the bug there
reichi 09:01 but i would guess it's just delayed
taxilian 09:01 there are some just differences in timing between the two, though
magicken 09:01 ok I will try with your test plugin
I seen in your source code test plugin but there isn't shutdown method
now I try to add it
I tried with your test plugin and IE 8 and shutdown it's not called. I wait 2 minutes
taxilian 10:01 magicken: file an issue on jira
it will probably be awhile, possibly a couple of weeks, before I can track it down myself, though
you might consider working on tracking it down on your own
what version of firebreath are you on?
magicken 10:01 the official 1.7
thanks for your help, I will report this issue. See you soon!
taxilian 15:01 is back up; it's not pretty, but it's a good first version
at least it lets you view log files
and if I set the crontab up, it should be automatically keeping it up to date
with a 1 minute lag
reichi 16:01 that's pretty fast :)
taxilian 16:01 hmm
except it isn't working
when I run the command myself it works fine; when I run it from cron it dies
has to do with the environment, I think
don't really want to have to restart the computer...
reichi 16:01 most probably :)
taxilian 16:01 well, we'll see if that works…
waiting for the next minute… :-P
ahh, that's much better
reichi 16:01 it'll come
taxilian 16:01 hurray! our every word and move is once more being recorded for posterity
in a *totally* non-stalkerish way
reichi 16:01 i have about 200megs of irc logs on my server
maybe more
taxilian 16:01 lol
well, I think I've got all the logs for this channel since quite awhile ago
reichi 16:01 pretty much everything since 2008 i think
taxilian 16:01 but I don't worry about logging other channels
some get logged anyway, but it's more coincidence
reichi 16:01 well it's my private bouncer
taxilian 16:01 and not consistent
reichi 16:01 no one has acces to my logs :)
so it's ok
taxilian 16:01 hehe
nelson_ 18:01 hi
is it possible to listen to DOM events (document or node) in firebreath API ?
I thought it was possible in NPAPI
kylehuff 18:01 nelson_:
nelson_ 18:01 I'd like to listen to DOM events from JSAPI, not firing them
(google gave me that answer already)
please tell me if I am not clear
kylehuff 18:01 that link covers add listeners as well as firing events.
nelson_ 18:01 the "Registering events on the JSAPI object" section ?
is there any code sample showing how to do it ?
I've finished reading that document, it tells how to fire events FROM the plugin TO javascript, and not how to listen events FROM dom TO plugin
am I wrong ?
nelson_ 19:01 I think my question is the same as this one :