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gabree 01:03 hi friends)
are exist any ways to install on mac os x plugin that i has build in windows?
gabree 01:03 or may be i have to build fire Breath project on mac os? and then install plugin
magicken 03:03 I think you must use mac os to generate and install the plugin
gabree 04:03 =( oh...thanks)
Vahram 06:03 Hi everyone
Is anyone here?
johannes 06:03 no
best thing always is to simply ask a question
Vahram 06:03 Ok. So what I'm trying to do is inject javascript file from FireBreath
I have JS file, I want to inject it from plugin
How it is possible? I'm new and don't have much knowledge about that
Thanks in advance
Vahram 06:03 Any ideas?
Vahram 07:03 Same as NPN_Evaluate
are there any API in FireBreath?
Vahram 07:03 Who is interested, I foudn NpapiBrowserHost ->evaluateJavaScript
I wonder is there any way to give a path of JS file, or you need to parse JS file to String
taxilian 08:03 Vahram: you'd have to load the file as a string
johannes 08:03 Vahram: to execute a javascript file the only other way i could think of would be editing the DOM and adding a <script> tag
kylehuff 19:03 is there an issue with building on OSX, where it is not using the variable ${PROJECT_NAME} for naming the binary output? usually, it uses the format np${PROJECT_NAME}.plugin, but now, I'm not sure what it is using, but it is wrong.