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reichi 05:03 has anyone here ever spent some time on reducing a firebreath-based plugin's size?
(on linux, debug-smybols already stripped away)
Gabree 05:03 sorry, my english so so, and i cant find answer on my question on your site. So question is... how to install plugin on mac os x, that i has build on windows? is it real? or i must to compile and build own project on os x and then install plugin?
Wayne__ 06:03 Hi guys, got a firebreath question here, anyone can have a look? Thanks
magicken 11:03 hello taxillian :-)
what is the key for include directories? I tried include_directories(${WXWIN}/include/msvc)
but it doesn't appear in the VS 10 solution
taxilian 11:03 where did you put that?
it looks right to me
tinkster 18:03 I'm trying to build firebreath's FBExample on an ubuntu 12.04 host, with boost 1.53 installed under /opt
While the compilation works OK, linking fails with: undefined reference to `boost::system::generic_category()'
I don't know enough about CMake to understand why
Any pointers?
The wiki is somewhat vague on how to use firebreath w/ system boost, and -DWITH_SYSTEM_BOOST=1 -DBOOST_ROOT="/opt/boost1.53.0" doesn't get me past the undefined reference
ignore me
taxilian 19:03 tinkster which version of boost are you using?
or did you get it worker?
tinkster 20:03 1.53
and no, can't link