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popoye 07:03 do any of the files in the "Generated" folder have path links to header files folder or Source files folder..
if i have a generated project.. can i remove all header files and manually create the files that I want
will that break the solution ?
JuanDaugherty 07:03 they don't want you to do that popoye . Sounds like you're 1) talking about Windows, and 2) failing to go with the flow of firebreath.
your files should be in the directory which is the first parameter to the prep commands
I have postprep commands that overlay some files in the directory which is the second parameter to the prepcommand but it's just a few files related to windows resources which firebreath doesn't accomodate
popoye 07:03 i want to have a different folder structure and file names..
inside my project.
so if Generated files don't have any link to Header Files folder and
"Source Files" i can reconfigure my structure
JuanDaugherty 07:03 it's all open source popoye you can do what you want
popoye 07:03 ok. Thank you