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yage 07:03 hi all
i have a problem with the installation of the fire breath plugin
I built a simple plugin with the WIX installer
installation is successful, but the plugin is not installed in Chrome, FF
what could be the reason?
my enviroment: win7 x64k, msvc 2010
taxilian 10:03 yage if you ever come back, wouldn't surprise me if you built the 64 bit version of the plugin instead of 32 bit
yage 10:03 hi all
taxilian 10:03 *sigh*. can't stick around for 10 minutes...
and thinks he'll find help
JuanDaugherty 10:03 typical irc newbie behaviour
but could have another reason, didn't ask anything
taxilian 10:03 he was on this morning and ask a question
not certain how long he stuck around that time
JuanDaugherty 10:03 I'm curious about specific browser coverage. FB is verified in current supported browsers I take it, is there a statement about down level stuff
taxilian 10:03 not sure I understand the question
FB has been verified working on firefox 3.x and later, chrome probably 3 and later, Safari except maybe not the latest on windows, and IE
IE 6 and later, I suppose
JuanDaugherty 10:03 IE 6 may be a stretch. Meant explicit policy statement, but actually more concerned with future.
taxilian 10:03 I support all current browsers on windows and mac because I use them
well, those being firefox, ie, chrome, and safari on mac only
I don't support opera
it probably works find on more than that, though
JuanDaugherty 11:03 looks like Opera is OK, they have 64 bit. You can expect the minors to follow Mozilla, IE, or Chrome/Safari, maybe some quirks
Chrome seems to be falling back FWIU
although wikipedia says it's still most popular
JuanDaugherty 16:03 unhatched chickens with opera
JuanDaugherty 18:03 I gather they're dping something special with NPAPI which is currently causing a crash. Funny how stupid people look futzing over the "plugin" / "extension" thing.
taxilian 19:03 you mean the terminology?
JuanDaugherty 19:03 that and the thinking behind it.
seeing the game and the reality
was gonna say browser mfgrs were culpable but not really true
they make the distinction pretty clear
taxilian 19:03 the problme is just that the terms are too similar
and the concepts
JuanDaugherty 19:03 they're just always trynna push their extension
and deprecate, scare off, or starve the plugin
why do npapi browsers call destroy stream at the start when there isn't any?
they're similar in end purpose but opposite in the way they work
one really is a vehicle for extension and the other is a box to play in and advance their product
(sorry for out of context npapi question)