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kannan 01:03 hi
reichi 02:03 sometimes i would really love if people just read a word or two about irc...
and join
without querying everyone in the channel if no one answered within 10 seconds
magicken 03:03 hello, how can I use LeakFinder? I tried to include the same code copied from FBTestPlugin but I have a link error.
xiaoguo 05:03 How can I visit another website (use navigate method) and parse the website's DOM tree ? It seems "m_host->getDOMDocument()" only works in the page containing the plugin.
Guest37072 05:03 Hi I am looking for some advice
We have a browser based system in HTML5 running on a variety of devices that collect data send it to a web service which processes the data through a C# Dll and returns the data for display, would firbreath allow us to run our C# DLL locally on the browser?
jshanab_wcw 06:03 Somebody correct me if I am wrong. Firebreath is a c++ framework, silverlight is a plugin to run c# in the browser. But you can do almost anything you can do in c++, so can you dload the silverlight dll and call into it? essentially wrap it in unmanaged c++ code.?
taxilian 08:03 xiaoguo: a plugin can only access the page it is on
reichi: yeah; it's the disadvantage to having that web client, I think. People pop in and think it's a live support channel where people are standing by 24/7
how they think that's paid for I'm not sure...
reichi 08:03 i guess they think you're chinese
taxilian 08:03 lol
xiaoguo 10:03 sorry to bother you, guys. But I really need help. I want to do some web scraping job based on firebreath. Is it possible to embedda fully-fledged web browser into firebreath, so I can navigate some website, then parse its DOM tree ?
taxilian 10:03 yes and no
FireBreath plugins are just C++
so anything you can do in C++ you can do with FireBreath
so yes, it is possible
is it easy? probably not
It really sounds like a problem that would be better solved in another way
its there are particular reason that you have to do it on the client?
xiaoguo 10:03 I try to use libcurl
taxilian 10:03 and that reason is...?
xiaoguo 10:03 but I get stuck with element dynamic formed by javascript. Since libcurl only gets plain document.
to decrease the burden of server
taxilian 10:03 I see. what operating systems do you need to support?
xiaoguo 10:03 we may have many clients. each client may make thousands of requests
window & IE . primary
taxilian 10:03 you could probably embed IE as an activex control
and use that
there is already an example of doing this; the WebView library in FireBreath
that won't work at all the same on Mac, of course
xiaoguo 10:03 is there any example using webview ?, dose it help ?
sorry for my poor English and I just a new graduate student. I hava much to learn.
taxilian 10:03 nope
no examples
you're welcome to submit one =]
search the logs to find what information I have given others about it
xiaoguo 10:03 Thank you a lot.
taxilian 10:03 good luck
bil 15:03 Hi
taxilian 15:03 hello
bil 15:03 I need some information.
I have a windows app
What I need to achieve is that when ever a user visits some specific URL in IE, Firefox and Chrome
I need to show a keyboard (virtual keyboard), which is an EXE
Is it possible to achieve using firebreath
taxilian 15:03 go read
then if you still have questions come back
(well, you don't have to leave to read it, but you know what I mean :-P)
bil 15:03 Actually I have been writing toolbars and BHOs for IE and toolbars for Firefox for quite some time. I just needed to know if it is achievable using firebreath. In IE, a BHO can launch an exe. In firefox, I need to test it on Win7 for limited permissions given to the plug-in. For chrome I have no idea.
taxilian 15:03 FireBreath only creates plugins; the equivilent in IE is a regular COM object. can't do toolbars, extensions, etc
you can certainly launch an EXE; you're just in C++ code
but you only can interact with a page that you have been injected into
you don't know anything about the browser, just the page you are in
bil 15:03 Thats great. Thanks for the information.