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tyoungbe 10:03 Anybody know if it's possible to composite over a hardware accelarated plugin window in the browser? Can't seem to get it to work.
In Windows
taxilian 10:03 nope
sure isn't
not unless you can figure out how to hardware accelerate a windowless plugin
you can't composite over a windowed plugin
tyoungbe 10:03 hmm
Is there anyway to get an Hdc that doesn't change between draw calls for the WindowlessWnd?
taxilian 10:03 nope
no guarantee, anyway
taxilian 11:03 anyone played with windowless video on windows and measured what the actual framerate is?
JuanDaugherty 13:03 hey you know I'm at the point of doing installers and I had forgot about NSIS which I used a few years ago to create an installer builder for a Steam like game distributor
I much prefer it to WiX
see why you wouldn't though since it targets Windows, although it's often as in the job mentioned building installers on linux
(was addressing taxilian, sorry)
taxilian 13:03 We sometimes create an installer with nsis and wrap our msi inside it
JuanDaugherty 13:03 yeah, that's what I intend to do ATM, embed the 32bit and 64bit WiX msi's
taxilian 14:03 you could probably make a WiX MSI that would work with both, though you'd have to build it yourself
you could use the generated np*.wxs file from each of the builds
JuanDaugherty 14:03 looks like I'll just drop WiX entirely, it serves no real purpose for this app which is Windows specific
JuanDaugherty 15:03 i notice no commits to github since last year
taxilian 15:03 there haven't been any serious bugs and I've been a little unmotivated to make spontaneous improvements to the project
JuanDaugherty 15:03 ah
whaddya think about that Yahoo CEO putting the Kibosh on telecommute work?
taxilian 15:03 glad my boss hasn't done that =]
JuanDaugherty 15:03 it's definitely had an effect, the main channel I look at for leads on a tc basis and which almost never fails to have at least 20 or 30 items on a weekday suddenly dried up
i don't see why Yahoo is still in biz, SE wise anyway but must be something
JuanDaugherty 18:03 my bad the effect I mentioned re the Yahoo CEO/remote work was due to an error, actually same number of leads as usual
or not