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__orange__ 01:02 hello
__orange__ 02:02 Could someone answer me, if it possible to export c++ classes to javascript using FireBreath? All I've found - how to export plugin objects methods and properties
tester 08:02 hi all
taxilian 08:02 good morning
nirvdrum 08:02 Howdy.
reichi 08:02 i wish someone would've though about embedded linux devices when designing npapi...
(there's a actually a lot of things people seem to have not thought about when designing npapi)
nirvdrum 08:02 reichi: Well, it's from Netscape 4 I think.
What's that? 1995?
reichi 08:02 yeah
but the added linux
and decided to totally bind it to x11
so that's the first thing which takes away lots of flexiblity
nirvdrum 08:02 I took that to be an implementation detail. The problem is at this point, both Google and Mozilla want to kill off NPAPI.
reichi 08:02 especially since waylind is slowly creeping in
nirvdrum 08:02 So neither is spending any time to fix things.
reichi 08:02 everyone wants
but there's no real alternative
ppapi may be great
but it's chrome-only
nirvdrum 08:02 Google doesn't seem to care much.
reichi 08:02 or chromium-only if one wants to be more precise
nirvdrum 08:02 They're doing the same shit MS did, just with an open source browser.
Same tactics.
reichi 08:02 well...
since opera will be using webkit, too in future releases
nirvdrum 08:02 webkit is a rendering engine.
reichi 08:02 it could be a proper way to integrate ppapi everywhere
i know ;)
we are using qtwebkit
nirvdrum 08:02 Most people seem not to.
reichi 08:02 on our devices
nirvdrum 08:02 I deal with web testing.
It's astonishing how many people think testing on qtwebkit is the same as testing on Safari or Chrome.
reichi 08:02 oh
nirvdrum 08:02 Of course, what they're really testing is JS, not rendering.
reichi 08:02 nope
nirvdrum 08:02 And none of them use the same JS engine.
reichi 08:02 first of all qtwebkit is still not using V8
which is important when it comes to js
but well
almost everyone uses a different version of webkit
nirvdrum 08:02 Yeah.
reichi 08:02 which leads to phenomenons that are euqally strange to having completely different browsers
nirvdrum 08:02 I've found a lot of differences even in rendering from Safari to Chrome.
reichi 08:02 sure
in addition you have different default fonts etc
nirvdrum 08:02 But people think I'm making it up :-P
reichi 08:02 there's so much stuff
the thing is i had to rip a lot of stuff out of the qtwebkit npapi implementation
nirvdrum 08:02 is what I work on. I find out a lot about browsers' dirty secrets.
IE is much saner than many people give it credit for.
reichi 08:02 what I basically have now is a qtwebkit that clears the region where the plugin resides
and i can draw my stuff behind that
or well
in my case move the video behind that
because of the way the browser draws you can have nice overlays this way
(the issue is that we do have gui-z-layers on the one hand, and the browser has it's own)
somehow it's hack
but somehow it isn't
my basic idea would've been to pass in void pointers
where platform-specific stuff comes into play
taxilian 08:02 nirvdrum: we know that IE is sane, it's just the fact that it's mentally handicapped that concerns us
nirvdrum 08:02 I'll take the stability. I can't even count how many times a forced Chrome upgrade broke everything for me.
And I have a plugin that works in IE 6 - 10.
That's amazing to me.
taxilian 08:02 hehe
yeah, I can't argue that
particularly since the latest chrome update broke drawing on windowless plugins
not 100% certain what they did, but I now have to put a black background behind my plugin to make it look right
reichi 09:02 hmm
that's one of the big advantages you have on embedded systems
no one changes anything you don't want ;)
rrrrr 10:02 я видал что видяшку русский делал
признавайтесь кто?
ну ладно на русской винде %)
нуже нуже)
taxilian 10:02 я
я медленно по-русски печатаю, а вроде бы понимаю
rrrrr 10:02 :)))
taxilian 10:02 heh
rrrrr 10:02 решил написать пару плагов под браузера
думаю тулза пригодится, буду очень рад если так, донейт не за горами
taxilian 10:02 а понимаете, если я по-англиски отвечаю?
rrrrr 10:02 yep
taxilian 10:02 excellent =] you can keep typing in Russian if you want; I can type much faster in English
rrrrr 10:02 хах)) хорошо)))
ставлю питон )))
видео туториал меня вдохновил :)
сейчас соберу свой первый хеллоу ворлд ^_^
ааееее :)))
к стати а где можно прочитать про лицензию?
taxilian 10:02 in the source files
it's on the website too
you may choose either the New BSD license or the LGPL
rrrrr 10:02 блин я как обычно смотрю плохо (
taxilian 10:02 most people use New BSD
rrrrr 10:02 0_0
it's perfect!!!
taxilian 10:02 hehe
rrrrr 10:02 i love this project ^_^
and now!!! time for hello world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
taxilian 10:02 hehe
good luck
rrrrr 10:02 tnkz ^_^
in any project allways select wrong python version... like with ida, etc %) :DDD
надо записаться на курсы английского %)
taxilian 10:02 hehe
my Russian is getting rusty; I don't use it much anymore
that's why I keep my computers installed in Russian, so I don't lose it
rrrrr 10:02 +1
а откуда познания русского вообще?
я не заметил акцента в английском даже
интересный случай :)
taxilian 10:02 I lived in Russia for 2 years
rrrrr 10:02 moscow?
taxilian 10:02 and my accent is very noticeable when I talk, I'm sure =]
Novosibirsk area
rrrrr 10:02 О_О
Siberia :)
taxilian 10:02 Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, a bit in Ulan Ude and Angarsk
rrrrr 10:02 oh my)
taxilian 10:02 spent a little time in each. spent about 8 months in Omsk, more than any other city
I traveled through Moscow going and coming
I've been home for 5 years now, though
rrrrr 10:02 блин это круто
я готов поспорить русские должны были научить материться)
taxilian 10:02 where do you live?
lol. I tried very hard to avoid learning to swear in Russian, actually =]
rrrrr 10:02 oh... im live in Moscow, but, im from Kyrgyzstan, and for 10 years lived in Kemerovo region :DDD
taxilian 10:02 cool Kemerovo isn't too far from Novosibirsk, if memory serves
rrrrr 10:02 чтобы понять русскую душу) надо понять русский мат )))))))))))))))))))) это душевная тема ))))
yep, 4 hours in the car
taxilian 10:02 heh. we'll have to agree to disagree on that one, though you are not the first russian I've met to feel that way
I'm not a real believer in swearing anyway, though
rrrrr 10:02 да всё хорошо, надеюсь вас тут не обижали.
а то я знаю какие тут люди....... "весёлые"
а вот в Москве вообще все злые %) бегут кудато...
taxilian 10:02 hehe. no, you didn't offend me
it is pretty hard to offend me, actually
rrrrr 10:02 noooo, not me, people in Omsk... etc, many of them needs to be kicked to ass :DDD
taxilian 10:02 I was in Russia as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints; I spent all day talking to people about religion. *Believe me* I have had people be far more rude to me in person than you'll ever manage in a chat room =]
rrrrr 10:02 bad ppl :(
taxilian 10:02 heh. I really liked the people of Omsk
I have many friends there that I miss a lot
some I still talk to a bit
rrrrr 10:02 oh... it is good. believe in God?
taxilian 10:02 that I do
else I wouldn't have paid to go to Russia for 2 years to teach people about it
rrrrr 10:02 hm... where are you from?
taxilian 10:02 Utah, USA
rrrrr 10:02 хм...
большая часть населения России - это православные люди и на сколько я знаю в Штатах, католицизм... не было конфликтов?
taxilian 10:02 I'm on the phone; be back in a few minutes
I'm not actually sure if Catholicism is the largest religion in the US. I'm not catholic, however
rrrrr 11:02 ^_^
ладно мне пора идти домой, уже рабочий день заканчивается, извините если всё же как то вас задел, я рад что мы встретились, буду стараться почаще заходить сюда. всего вам хорошего :)
taxilian 11:02 =] and to you
приятно общаться
rrrrr 11:02 ^_^
sdfg 11:02 hi
xiaoguo 23:02 Can anyone give me some help on how to use web service in firebreath? Can I must use other library like gSOAP ?
taxilian 23:02 xiaoguo: it's c++, you can use whatever you want
the one thing to be aware of is that you may have issues if the client has a proxy; if you want to be sure it'll work, use the BrowserStreams API so that you go through the browser to make requests
xiaoguo 23:02 Thank you very much! !