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lakshmi 00:02 hello
i have one doubt on wix
Ratika 03:02 Hey
can anyone tell me how to link a dll in my plugin
Please help
Bunny_ 04:02 @ratika , which browser are you using ?
Ratika 04:02 I am using Chrome
my problem is i am not sure of how to link an MFC dll with the FireBreath project
Where to place my dlls and how to link them
Bunny_ 04:02 i m working on IE browser. sorry.
btw how did u get the dll ? from visual studio ?
Ratika 04:02 yes
i tried the following in projectDef.cmake
find_library(TESTDIALOG_LIBRARY MyTestDialog) include_directories(${TESTDIALOG_INCLUDE_DIRS}) target_link_libraries(Test TESTDIALOG_LIBRARY)
but it is showing a linker error
Ratika 04:02 can anyone help???
diorcety 05:02 hum
target_link_libraries(Test $[TESTDIALOG_LIBRARY})
Ratika 05:02 so, what is the conclusion
i dont seem to have given anything wrong
have i?
and I am not making changes to CMakeLists.txt
taxilian 08:02 good morning
Ratika: you need ${ … } around the TESTDIALOG_LIBRARY
reichi 08:02 morning taxilian
taxilian 08:02 good morning
__orange__ 09:02 Greetings
can anyone answer me about firebreath usage?
anybody alive here?
taxilian 10:02 nope
we're all dead
reichi 10:02 xd
xD even
JuanDaugherty 16:02 ping taxilian
taxilian 16:02 morning
JuanDaugherty 16:02 I'm having to generate a variation for a browser and was in the initial gen dialog
the roles of PluginPrefix and PluginIdentifier were what I had a q about
plugin prefix seem to have some randomly generated stuff which I don't recall
will find out by discovery shortly but thought I'd ask. I assume the prefix is used in like PluginPrefix_PluginAuto?
which one is the name of the main plugin class?
lol it's not morning in UT unless the End Times are starting there oder :)
taxilian 16:02 that's all prefix is used for, yes
actually neither needs to be the same as the plugin class
they are just metadata
JuanDaugherty 16:02 got it
JuanDaugherty 18:02 cluecrowd, is there an underscore in your nick?
cluecrowd 18:02 JuanDaugherty: no
JuanDaugherty 18:02 looks like there's a space between the c and r for some reason in xchat
cluecrowd 18:02 JuanDaugherty: </shrug>
Ratika 20:02 @taxilian_away: Thanks :)
but now i am getting another error
CMake error : The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.
what amn i doing wrong now
taxilian 21:02 Ratika: that means it didn't find the variables in question
probably because you didn't tell it where to find your library
Ratika 22:02 but i used the find_library command..
Is there any example that can show how to import and use a dll?
taxilian 22:02 find_library searches in what it sees as being the default library locations on a given system
which on windows is pretty useless
you need to tell it where to look
Ratika 22:02 I have used the find_library command: find_library(TESTDIALOG_LIBRARY MyTestDialog)
assuming it will find it at the path..
taxilian 22:02 here is a good place to start: v
Ratika 22:02 I have placed my dll in the folder where u get your plugin dll
is that the correct way
I am sorry but it is hard for me to understand the link you sent
I am very new to FireBreath and Cmake
taxilian 22:02 you need to tell it where to look
but you also need the .lib file
not just the dll
Ratika 22:02 yes, the dll and the .lib i have placed in the folder where you have your Plugin dll
do i do it with the set command?
set(LIBRARY_PATH D:/....)?
ive put it like this now
set(LIBRARY_PATH D:/260213/build/bin/Test/Debug) find_library(TESTDIALOG_LIBRARY ${LIBRARY_PATH}/MyTestDialog.lib) include_directories(${TESTDIALOG_INCLUDE_DIRS}) target_link_libraries(Test ${TESTDIALOG_LIBRARY})
taxilian 23:02 you should usually put quotes around a path
but you might want to make use of the ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BUILD_DIR}