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ratika 00:02 somehow it is not able to clone boost..kindly help..we are stuck since 2 days on it
Kinghawk 05:02 hi
any sample(s) links please , I am very new to firebreath
ratika 05:02 i want to know how to open up an mfc dialog from the project??
reichi 05:02 (08:16:14 AM) ratika: the cmd shows an error [2013-02-26 07:29:20]
so what error?
paste it to or
ratika: "gui stuff" generally works the same way it would without firebreath
just that firebreath gives you the surface to draw on
Bunny_ 05:02 hi , i have some projects generated using firebreath which i dint do. So, if i have to use them, what are steps ? Finally i have to use tht project and register a plugin for IE
appreciate your help
Jonghwan 05:02 hello, are there any ways to embed some kind of operating system controls? I mean, I want to embed WebView Object (in case of mac) or WebBrowser Control (in case of windows) in my firebreath plugin.
jshanab 06:02 bunny_ If you make changes to the structure of the project you must prep, then build, then install. That sounds vauge, but if you watch the getting started videos, it will really help. There is a wealth of good information on the wiki at Since you have existing projects, you will skip the fbgen step unles you want to create a test plugin to learn on.
Bunny_ After you have worked with it a bit and have a specific question, feel free to ask
Bunny_ 07:02 Thank You !
@jshanab. All this build and install is done a software called CMake right ?
i m going thru the steps. will get back to u soon
JuanDaugherty 07:02 embedding a web control in a browsers plugin would look funny
jshanab 07:02 CMake is a build system that generates the project files on whatever platform or Development environment you use. It generates everything into a build directory that you never check into source control, it is generated. When I am on my mac, I "prepmac" and then open in XCode, When i am on Linux I "prepmake" and then run make and on windows I "Prep2010" and open the Solution in Visual studio
JuanDaugherty 07:02 however in the ActiveX branch of my plugin, I use the Control to container to allow an arbitrary AX control to be embedded
s/Control to container/control container/
not sure how a browser within a browser would work, never seen that
dunno if there is a mac equivalent of CAxWindow, kinda doubt it
everybody hates cmake at first Bunny, then you get over it
i run prepxxxx whenever the cmakes change and I have a ppXX (32 and 64) to copy resources into the gen'ed solution
so my cycle is 1) git clone the plugin ecosystem state, 2) rebuild the target bld tree (with prepxxxx), 3) pp, 4) build targets in the IDE
d'oh didn't see it was gone bunny
taxilian 08:02 ratika: what is the exact command you're using to clone?
Jonghwan: there is a project in the firebreath tree already for embedding a webview/webbrowser control
Jonghwan 08:02 hmm
okay i'll find
taxilian 08:02 it isn't really documented
but it isn't that hard to use either
nor is it perfect, however
Jonghwan 08:02 hmm..
taxilian 08:02 let me see if I can find any code examples on how to use it
though I do wonder; what do you need it for? are you sure that's the best route?
Jonghwan 08:02 I really want to make something like 'WebClip' in the dashboard on Mac OS X
taxilian 08:02 so the problem with it is that while events are proxied, some things don't work correctly
on mac
like dropdowns, for example
on windows it's IE, of course
Jonghwan 08:02 I don't have plan to support windows
taxilian 08:02 that's too bad… it's easier on windows :-P
Jonghwan 08:02 :'(
taxilian 08:02 the problem is that in a plugin on mac you don't get a NSWindow
all we get is a CGContextRef
so we can actually force render the webview into that ref, and proxy the mouse and keyboard events, but things don't quite look right because it isn't actually the active window
anyway, I wrote it a long time ago when I was working for facebook
but the project was dropped so I haven't looked at it in awhile
the code is in src/libs/WebView/Mac
Jonghwan 08:02 actually I saw it during googling it
Hmm.. I think there is a way to solve this problem because Apple provide 'WebClip' plugin
that is internet plugin I think
taxilian 08:02 i don't know of any webclip npapi plugin
Jonghwan 08:02 then how can i get the usage of WebView library in firebreath?
taxilian 08:02 as I said, I'm looking for example code
it may not exist anymore
Jonghwan 08:02 yes i'll wait
taxilian 08:02 it'll be something like FB::View::WebViewPtr webView( FB::View::WebView::create(shared_from_this(), m_host ); to create it; that's gotta be in your plugin object
then in the AttachedEvent handler you need to call webView->init()
Jonghwan 08:02 okay
taxilian 08:02 use webView->setJSVar(name, val) to set js variables on the page; you can pass in JSAPIPtrs that way too
then loadUri and loadHtml to load stuff in it
Jonghwan 08:02 thanks :)
taxilian 08:02 you also need to do add_firebreath_library(WebView) in your PluginConfig.cmake file
Jonghwan 08:02 yes
taxilian 08:02 I *think* that the js variables get set on the window, if memory serves
anyway, it would be awesome if someone submitted an example on how go use it… =]
Jonghwan 08:02 haha =] I'll try it
bmbsage 09:02 what are the license agreements for using firebreath?
kevincondon 12:02 Has anyone managed to get a plugin update to work in IE on Windows without reloading the page or restarting the browser? Following works perfectly for FF and Chrome, but not IE.
IE sees the new ActiveX control version in manage add-ons and opening my page in another tab will load the updated plugin
I'm using the FireBreath generated MSI to install the plugin and updates
taxilian 12:02 I have, but it's been awhile
kevincondon 13:02 Unfortunately IE is the largest part of our user base, and page refresh isn't an option because that would unload our Flash app. I tried hosting the plugin in an iframe and refreshing the page location, which works everywhere but in IE.
I'm starting to think it's not possible to reload updated ActiveX, at least with IE 9 (haven't tried older versions).
BTW, IE does see my reload events but it continues to use the older version that was originally loaded on the page.
JuanDaugherty 13:02 is the JSAPI supposed to be usable by end users of a plugin or only developers of the plugin? If the former is the case. some expository documentation on it would be apropos