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haxmeadroom 08:02 taxilian: Regarding last night and SAFESEH... I think the stack corruption I was getting was my fault.
taxilian: Also, disabling intellisense fixed the VS2012 crashes with Firebreath projects.
taxilian 08:02 haxmeadroom: cool
unfortunate side effect of using boost is that visual studio seems to be semi broken when you have a lot of headers
haxmeadroom 10:02 taxilian: Yeah, but boost is pretty sweet, I agree, when you get used to it
taxilian 10:02 it saves a lot of time
haxmeadroom 10:02 I am impressed with Firebreath.. It's a clean API, well documented.. Good work btw.
haxmeadroom 10:02 I'm curious about this quote from Firebreat docs. "Note that passing such data as a Javascript array won't be terribly efficient". Does that mean base64 would be more efficient?
taxilian 13:02 haxmeadroom: yes, base64 would be much more efficient
haxmeadroom 14:02 taxilian: Cool. I'll switch to that.
I take it LogMethod_Console doesn't work with Chrome?
taxilian 14:02 it sure does
but you have misunderstood which console it's talking about
it isn't talking about the javascript console
you can do that with htmlLog, but it's very very inefficient
haxmeadroom 14:02 Ah.. I looked around but didn't see any log messages..
taxilian 14:02 LogMethod_Console is talking about the system debug console; on windows that's primarily only seen when vs is connected debugging, and on mac or linux that's the system console log
haxmeadroom 14:02 Oh, that's even better.. I could use dbgview?
taxilian 14:02 yes
and well done for already knowing about that one =]
I had forgotten the name of the application
few are aware of it
haxmeadroom 14:02 hehe Yeah, I used it a lot. But, it has been known to drop messages.
taxilian 14:02 file based logging is definitely the most reliable
haxmeadroom 14:02 Should I document this on the wiki?
I don't know if you guys would like or hate that.
taxilian 14:02 any useful information is welcome on the wiki
try to keep it organized so that things can be found
as a rule, I don't update the wiki much myself
I make sure things are accurate and I write code
I have plenty of other things to do… docs are up to the users
haxmeadroom 14:02 Sweet, I'll update it.