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Fran 06:02 Hi
Guest72493 06:02 hi again
anyone present?
hi gawry
how long takes a webstore to verify a new browser plugin?
more or less
taxilian 08:02 Guest72493 what webstore are you talking about exactly?
I'm not aware of any webstores that deal with plugins
Guest72493 08:02 Does Chrome webstore allow browser plugins?, i dont know, just asking, because, an add-on can be uploaded on different web browser extension stores, but i dont know if a plugin (npapi i.e.) could be uploaded on these web browsers stores extension or whatever it's name.
taxilian 08:02 you can have an extension inside a plugin
sorry, reverse that
you can have a plugin inside an extension
but I have no idea what the webstore policy is regardling them
Guest72493 08:02 :(, yes i readed that, making an extension which calls a plugin, but i dont know how can a user install the plugin at same time he is installing the extension
taxilian 08:02 you put the plugin *inside* the extension
and thus when you install the extension, the plugin comes with it
Guest72493 08:02 are there an example on firebreath docs?
taxilian 08:02 nope
I don't do extensions
Guest72493 08:02 maybe on mozilla api doc
to have the same plugin on every so, for example osx, i need to code it with xcode?
taxilian 08:02 you'll need to build it with xcode, yes
don't really care what you code with =]
Guest72493 08:02 but with VS i can't build it for mac, isn't it?
taxilian 08:02 correct
Guest72493 08:02 but with VS, and firebreath framework, i can build my plugin for ff, chrome, ... and ie too, right? Then, build it with xcode for example for osx support
taxilian 08:02 correct. firebreath plugins built on windows (with vs) work for ff, chrome, and ie
Guest72493 08:02 so
I need to code twice, in vs c++ and xcode, to have the plugin cross-platform
taxilian 08:02 not exactly
most of the code, if you do it right, can be cross platform
it just depends on what you need to do
you need to build it on both platforms
but many plugins, particularly if you use boost for system calls, can be entirely cross platform and you just have to build it on each
Guest72493 08:02 the plugin i need to build seems easy, but after reading a lot, it's my first time as you see =/, i just need to build a plugin wich can add one word on custom dictionary browser
taxilian 09:02 add a word to the browser's custom dictionary?
Guest72493 09:02 yes
is it hard?
and need it to be cross platform
taxilian 09:02 how well do you know c++?
Guest72493 09:02 three years I do not program in C++
thought it would be easy
taxilian 09:02 thing is that there are no npapi apis for controlling a browser's dictionary
I have no idea if such a thing is even possible
Guest72493 09:02 I read a post on a google group, where someone asked the same question, and someone said that should do it with NPAPI
but thinking about it, it's just write in custom dictionary file, is this even not possible?
taxilian 09:02 I haven't a clue
Guest72493 09:02 i'm think about other way, when spell check, checks the word i want to add, can i override some browser style which going to underlining the word?
taxilian 09:02 nope
a plugin knows nothing about the browser
only about the page
might be possible with an extension; no idea
a plugin's ability to change the page is the same as what you'd have in javascript
Guest72493 09:02 yeah, maybe with an extension.. but how is the key
Guest72493 10:02 taxilian thank you in any case for your support
taxilian 10:02 yw
good luck