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mohanjune 08:02 would like to know if possible to send parameters to some local application
jshanab 11:02 My plugin is suffering a memory leak issue. but it is strange. The performance is fine and tools that I have do not show a leak, but I have hit 3.2GB of memory usage in Firefox or IE if left running over night.
taxilian 11:02 hmm. that is really annoying
you should fix it
jshanab 11:02 If i had any idea what was causing it, it would be fixed. I have a memory validator proram that enumerates all the objects in memory and it is saying at most 157MB if i include all the unused sapce in pages I have some data on. If i look at the data from just the new/delete, it shows about 60 MB
So i have memory leaks that the tools cannot show
taxilian 11:02 awesome
could it be in the browser somewhere?
jshanab 13:02 I get the exact same memory pseudo leak in IE9 as FF :-(
reichi 14:02 in ran into something like that with the old handling of unsolicited streams
the browser just kept caching the stream data
until someone was ready to get it
cos FB did not return an error intially
but that has been fixed quite some time ago
jshanab 14:02 unsoliicited streams? What are those, maybe I need to update
I just found a nice memory profiler for c++ code and it works well with the browser because it serves out the info on a tcp port and you connect with a client. called mempro
jshanab 14:02 So... I use the mempro tool which replaces New and delete and the memory leak goes away?
taxilian 14:02 LOL
gotta love it
jshanab 14:02 I have used 6 tools and they all show no leak in my code, but unless there is a memory leak in the javascript on the page, how can it leak in both IE and FF otherwise.
Lets just say it is a good thing I don't have hair to pull out